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  • Hello!

    The new testing version of Chaos Reborn is live on Steam.

    Right click on Chaos Reborn in your library, then click on “Properties”. Select the “Betas” tab and then select the testing version from the drop down menu box. Enter the secret code GoblinGoblinOfSteel. The testing version should then download.

    You can switch back to the normal version by doing the same thing, but select the normal version from the drop down menu box.

    The testing version effectively runs on its own separate server.
    Stuff you do in the testing version will not affect stuff that happens in the normal version: especially, if you have ranked async games in the normal version, make sure you revert back to it in time to play your turns. There is no cross-play between the testing and normal versions.

    Major Changes:

    All game-text should now be localized. Chinese text is complete; Russian text is mostly complete; Portuguese is mostly complete (but no realms or lore).
    Demigods can form guilds; these are ranked in both duel and league play.
    Demigods can create a new type of live custom game, with new rules and restrictions, which anyone can participate in.
    Also, weekly duel rankings have been added for all players;

    Minor Changes:

    "Bellivent" talisman description clarified (no protection from Paralyse, Air Interception or Magic Bolt).

    Bellivent talisman added to random AI loadout options.

    You can now opt out of having an AI opponent assigned in duels.

    New: Illusion/Real status is not shown in creature tooltip any more for offline hotseat games.

    "Talismans" button on equipping screen now also displays total number of available talismans.

    Procedurally generated maps are available for custom games (1-4 players only).

    New: "Preferences" option to display classic (instead of custom visuals) gear in classic games

    Duels now show mana-per-turn for AI (because AI gets more mana per turn depending on duel level).

    Only online friends are shown in the realm "invite ally" list.

    Talisman activation cost is now shown in the same way as picking up a mana sprite shows mana gained.

    Players are now forced to choose between law and chaos mode in the tutorial, rather than being able to hit "OK" and default to law mode.
    Players are now forced to choose between law and chaos mode upon entering multiplayer mode for the first time, if they have not already chosen in tutorial. Choice sets defaults for duel mode.

    "Parameter/ Stats/ Constants" Changes:

    Cost for realm entry capped at 100.

    New: Forge cost capped at 50 forge crystals

    Change: Realm construction requirements have been mostly abandoned: realms can be constructed much more freely.
    Flux, citadel, ruins upper limits removed
    "Construction point"-based checks (land requirements and buildings balance) removed.
    (You are still required to place at least 2 towns, 2 ruins, 6 lords, 6 encounters, and 4 villages.)

    Change: Most realm outcome parameter caps have been effectively removed (gold and XP caps remain in place)
    The following encounter outcome parameters will have the ranges widened to +/- 1000:
    Banish Spell, Reputation, Law Kudos, Chaos Kudos, Flux Mana.
    Lost time will be 1-1000 days.
    Gold and XP caps will remain in place.

    Increased AsyncGamesSlotsPerPlayer to 101


    Fix: you can no longer clone dispelled creatures (AI was observed to rarely do this). viewtopic.php?f=7&t=5136

    Various bugfixes:
    Friendly web no longer remains on map after subverted creature is dispelled
    Creatures created by transmutation talismans are now correctly damaged by meteor strike
    Walled creatures area attacked by spider instead of webbed

    Fix: AI now recognises wizards in magic trees as a threat.

    Fix: Sometimes "ghost" webs would visually remain on the battle-map for a turn after they had actually been destroyed.

    Fix: In the mana-collection tutorial mission, the game was not reporting that the objective had failed when the enemy wizard collected too many of the sprites.

    Fix: webs that remain on the battlefield after the controlling wizard dies can now be attacked.

    Fix: Gooey blob spell card and spell-info screen now show blob stats (in the same way the tangle vine card works) rather than just range.

    Fix: Medals screen no longer transposes medals for Equipped and Classic Chaos

    Fix: Switching between league and friendly match statistics now correctly updates the stats screen.
    (CUI_Button_Radio_Friendly and CUI_Button_Radio_League had broken "OnValueChanged" function calls)

    Fix: Law-mode retreat due to Bellivent was incorrectly reporting that a creature was taking damage.

    Fix: Village totems no longer engage enemies.

    Fix: controller can now be used to skip intro movie instead of just mouse/keyboard.

    Touch controls improved; twist-rotate implemented

    Fix: Spectate and Asynch games are available while waiting for a live match.

    Fix: Larger zoom out available in realms editor.

    Fix: Allies who surrender in realms no longer get gold/ karma/ rewards.
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  • huge smile.

    thanks for all your work on this, CGR
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  • Looking forward to giving this a go. Cheers CGR et al.
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  • Thanks CGR, great stuff!

    First impressions after two games:

    - Brill improvements on the graphics! The casting, the failed casts, the illusions, deaths etc. Very nice indeed. Magic trees look a bit cold though! Overall, looks sweet.
    - The different game modes for demi gods too (was playing with Gary) look good too. Haven't seen all the options for myself though. But its not clear for those who aren't demi gods (like myself) that I can't change the Objectives, Taboos etc.
    - Sound - Air Elemental sound effects too loud, as are Magic Tree sounds. Clicky / Blippy sound effects for selecting cards, creatures and placing cards has gone though? Bug or not bug?

    Overall though, its OK so far! Nice work.
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  • Brilliant!! Great work!!

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  • Perfect, thanks:)
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  • edit: Looks like a new iteration is up on the testing branch. Off the bat, i'm noticing the duel queue prompt is working right again.


    Are there any plans to update the beta branch as you fix bugs and the like?
    Otherwise, if there aren't any plans to improve the guild/demi god custom game features, I would honestly just hold off on them and just release the other stuff you've added. These features are too unorganized and undercooked and would probably detract from the new player's experience.

    Especially with mention of certain things not being able to implemented until the following month....I believe it was hats for the demi god games? I would only implement it as a whole and when everything is polished up.

    another alternative could be postponing the update until it's all good to go.
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  • Will it be possible to get at least the working bug fixes and updates pushed through ASAP, someone is pushing out all the Phoenix Point keys... and many of the the updates were designed to make the newbie experience more friendly.

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  • - Have the Duel rankings been moved or removed? I can no longer see them on the Duel tab of the UI, and I can't find them elsewhere.

    - Likewise, I'm not seeing any mention of guild names against League or Realm rankings? Should I be?

    - I've been able to form a guild, add members, boot members, and dissolve the guild. (We found a text bug with doing this which I've posted to the bugs forum).

    - Opting out of having an AI opponent in Duels is good. You have potentially got 2 separate game modes here, it would make sense to me to see separate rankings for vs AI Duels and vs Human Duels.

    - Hiding the illusion status in the creature info for offline battles is very nice :-)

    - Procedural generated maps for 2-4 player games is good - I hope we can get the same for 5 and 6 player at some point (or at least more maps)

    On a side note:

    - Has anything been done to fix the in game message announcing the 'Multiplayer League Competition Results - June 2016' ...every month? Seeing this message each month potentially makes it look like the game is abandoned.

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