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  • Hello. Could you help mep to understand how to fix the Multiplayer Registration Key issue please.

    I bought Chaos reborn for Mac on We were supossed to play with my friend so i installed it on two Mac's, I was thinking what one Serial Number will work on both Mac's and i've tryied to write Serial Number first on my Mac(1) and then i sended it to my friend. He wrote the same serial number on hes Mac(2), after that he create a Wizard Hero and now when im pressing the Multiplayer button on my Mac(1) it is Automatically loading his Hero.. so now we have the same Hero on both Mac's.

    There is no option to create a new Hero with new Serial Number. I've tryied to delete Chaos Reborn, i bought one more Chaos Reborn with new Serial Number, installed all over again, trying to create a new account for me but it does not work.. again loading my friends ( first created ) Hero.

    i'll be grateful for help. thank you so much.
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  • I don't know GOG. I do know Steam. I think the "key" is now associated with the game on both of your accounts with GOG. My suggestion is to put in a ticket/request with GOG customer support through one of your accounts explaining the issue and asking them to delete Chaos Reborn and its key link from one of your accounts (i.e., the one through which you make the request). After they do that, then use the 2nd key you got.

    Basically, this doesn't seem like something that Snapshot would be able to help you with. (But I'm not Snapshot, so.)

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  • Thank you mate. Already wrote them.
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