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  • FYI, the Chaos Reborn section of the Snapshot Games forum doesn't exist any longer. Also, there wasn't ever an announcement here that we've closed up shop here. Rather than message among ourselves on this forum that we're all still reading this forum, might be better to informally market our forum in other outlets.

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  • Hi all.

    Sorry for the swift action and lack of announcements. I did try to speak to people who were online at the time to let them know what was happening.

    After a lengthy meeting yesterday morning, it was decided that going forward we would stick to separate communities for each game, as there seems to be a relatively little crossover.

    As a result, this shall remain the one and only official Chaos Reborn forum, with the Discord also being the official CR Discord. The new forum will be re-branded to Phoenix Point, as will the current Snapshot Games Discord server.
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  • Is good news
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