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Sat Dec 23, 2017 8:10 am

  • This update adds Brazilian Portuguese localization, and some bugfixes. We're continuing to work on new content for the game, but have nothing major to release yet.


    Game is now translated into Brazilian Portuguese.
    Added Discord web link button to profile screen.

    Major Fixes:
    Sometimes, if you spectated, played async games/realms while queuing for a live game, the live game would start without you.
    Clicking enemy units during the enemy turn now displays damage bars in Law Mode again.

    Can request allies now during realm-testing; invasions are still blocked.
    Some of the talisman descriptions got swapped around as a result of localization.
    Wizard names were sometimes invisible in chat log in custom lobby.

    Minor Fixes:
    Spectate panel was displaying placeholder "gameID" instead of actual game ID numbers.
    Added space to event log between "X cast Y" and "and succeeded" (/"but failed" ).
    Submitting a forged staff with a name that already exists as a bodygear in the equipment database will now unambiguously tell the player to change their staff name (previously, it said "that bodygear name is already taken". Similar fix for bodygear name.

    Some Simplified Chinese text was not being displayed.
    Activating a mana bind talisman now correctly displays +X mana above the wizard's head, rather than -0 mana (0 cost).
    Typo in single player campaign "You also you find a mysterious amulet with with figure of a small dragon carved from sapphire."
    English game-text typos:
    "...creature combate is determined by a kill probability with not hit points."
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  • Big thanks.
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  • Cheers! (And Happy Christmas!)

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  • :D
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  • Well done to CGR for keeping the game alive! Many thanks!
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  • On linux the "black screen with cursor only" still happens, my workaround is to edit "pref" file to have window mode with the size of the desktop, and KDE5 window rules to remove titlebar and edge and make the window "fullscreen". (for detail/history check my original GOG thread: ... ork_for_me )
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  • Thank you CGR
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  • Hi Ped7g, I've set a reminder to ask the team about this problem again (I noticed last night you'd mentioned it on the GoG forums too).
    We have another small update coming out soon (mainly to add German localization), I will see if this problem can also be fixed.
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