An advertisement I posted in RoleplayHQ

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An advertisement I posted in RoleplayHQ

Post by Glas Masv » Sun Mar 18, 2018 9:32 am

This is the advert I posted at a discord server for online roleplayers called RoleplayHQ. Their website has links to every game's rp community, mostly MMO's. It's long but online rper's are used to reading I think.

An Appeal to Roleplayers to RP in a tactical strategy / realmbuilder pc game: Chaos Reborn

Chaos Reborn is a re-make of a British game from the early 80's by the creator of X-COM, Julien Gollop. It combines elements of chess and poker in post-apocalyptic fantasy world with absurdly rich adult lore for a $10 steam game. It's a pretty game with a unique art style. The game itself is very well made and has a small committed community of mature gamers from around the world. Fans of this game created a professionally made radio production: ... audio.html .

This game allows players to create custom battles both Live and Asynchronous. We've been adding special rules that players agree to follow before the game and some of us are doing what I call Story-mode custom games where the players equip themselves for a part in a narrative.

There is also a Realmbuilder where players become able to create realms that are sold with the official game. They go through a moderation process for quality control. The Realms are campaign maps replete with events, cities, village allies, geography, and control of the opponent Wizard King/Queen and their forces. I'm making an easy level 1 focussed on roleplay choices and character. The setting is my guild's lore and also features cameos from among the few other guilds in the game. To resolve events prior to the publishing of the realm I'm running narrative customs which will affect how the realm is constructed. There are quite a few player-created realms and despite the game's primitive rubric much is possible!

Even if you don't plan on playing this game the Lore Guide is worth reading. It's very well written and includes impressive tales together with explanations behind the themes in-game: ... _Guide.pdf or you can buy the 50-page tome in Print: ... de(edited)

The future of the game right now is player generated content. We need your imagination, experience at rpg, and intelligence to build with what we have. There are a few guilds, mine is Hegemony. We help with PVP/Teamplay/Realms/Lore . Check it and the other lore-based guilds at:
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Re: An advertisement I posted in RoleplayHQ

Post by SpiteAndMalice » Sun Mar 18, 2018 10:15 am

Nice idea :-)

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