Promote Asynch & Guilds to Retain Players

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Promote Asynch & Guilds to Retain Players

Post by Glas Masv » Sun Apr 01, 2018 1:37 am

I wonder if there is some sort of bias towards promoting Live Play even though Asynchronous is the most active way to play humans.

Duels were given a clumsy rating system, law mode, and the maps are tiny because it's thought that new players have the attention spans of gnats or maybe quick 10 minute fights are more entertaining and easier on schedules. I suppose the benefits of tiny maps was deemed to outweigh nerfing slower builds & I don't think it took Law Mode into account.

Forge crystal collection is mainly done through Live Duels. Players cannot turn off the option to face Humans which in my experience causes new players to concede or ragequit. They don't want to run realms for talismans with random poo gear so they come to Live duels as the only way to forge good gear or gear that matches the few talismans they have. They don't want to face players who know the game and outgear them. It seems like rewarding realm victories with forge crystals equal to defeated lords/king/queen would keep newer players in realms, playing the game instead of having negative experiences having to LIve Duel. Realms are better at training new players than Duels which get hard after only 5 victories, etc. Whereas Level 1-3 realm fights/campaigns are kind.

The emphasis on Live Duel or Live Custom makes it seem like far fewer players are active than is the case. I see a bunch of players online that don't migrate over to custom asynch or league asynch and that greatly affects player retention and regularity imo. Custom asynch needs the advanced customization options and we are quickly developing strong DEMAND for 3v3 Maps designed for Teamplay. Snapshot made guilds and one thing guilds are starting to offer guild-members is Teamplay in Custom PVP. We only have 3 or so maps that support 3v3 teamplay. We need variety to maintain interest or it can get stale. It is in Snapshot's interest to add maps because guild activity is a strong driver for player retention and 'end-game' activity. Guilds have potential ability to keep players connected, motivated, and spice things up with variety. Inter-guild custom games synergize individual guild efforts and benefit everyone involved. It's more palpable than abstract stats describing league wins/losses or duels wins/losses.
I know casual players aren't often into longer commitments and many players prefer live gaming, but it would increase long-term player base to promote Asynchronous portion of Chaos Reborn or at least let go of favoring Live Duel to Asynchs'/Realms' detriment. My long-winded 2 cents. :idea:
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Re: Promote Asynch & Guilds to Retain Players

Post by Roderic » Thu May 03, 2018 12:22 pm

Well, technically an async game can be played as if it was live if both players are on line until the end of the game, with the added benefit of permasaving every turn and the con(?) of no short-timer, which may lead to extra delay and removing the pressure and the thrill of the necessary faster pace.

It seems that people use to play several async in parallel rather than doing completed, focused matches, yet async mode encompasses "live" games because potentially allows them. Live mode imposes an obligatoriness of staying until finish what you started but on async is merely optional but doable. Hence, async seems the default mode minus the short time turn system.

Regarding duels, I personally don't mind to get beaten by the AI or another experienced player from time to time as they are quick, you learn quick from your mistakes too. Since either you win or lose, you gain some gold and xp, eventually (say over a week) you gain enough to buy talismans and forge a couple of suits and staves. I personally prefer that over doing the campaigns because I'm not much into rpg's but it's good there are two ways to improve your economy and skills for those who like. There's also the invading option which is a third way to gain some gold and play in a different way.

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Re: Promote Asynch & Guilds to Retain Players

Post by SpiteAndMalice » Thu May 03, 2018 2:49 pm

+1 Good OP

IMHO new players should be filtered towards 2 player custom maps which have room to manoeuvre. and I think Classic Chaos/Classic Law would be the best starting game modes. The game is complicated enough without introducing equipment (which does create bias for the more experience player) from the get go.

(It doesn't help that the custom game lobby had been broken for what feels like the best part of year.)

During EA it felt like the game did a better job of player retention than it's done since release with the addition of things like the Duel competition.

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Re: Promote Asynch & Guilds to Retain Players

Post by Mazy » Thu May 03, 2018 10:29 pm

SpiteAndMalice wrote:(It doesn't help that the custom game lobby had been broken for what feels like the best part of year.)
I think the last time I bumped the bug reports related to the matchmaking issues it was at 18 months (non-randomised turn order etc).