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Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:16 am

  • It may just be me, but one thing that I dislike about Chaos Reborn is when a game descends into repeated use of the same megaspells. Regardless of the megaspell I find that this makes for a less interesting match as opposed to when players make use of their overall spell deck... It strangely leads to a situation where often the most varied matches are those where everyone's megaspell is crap to begin with.

    I can think of a few potential changes which could be made:

    1) Don''t allow megaspells to be used within the first X number of turns of a match, I'd suggested somewhere between 5 and 10 (it could even depend on the megaspell) - This would also be a good way to stem the use of rush tactics.

    2) Have an escalating cost for the use of mega spells (Maybe 25% increase in mana per usage) - This would make megaspells a less attractive option as the game progresses

    3) Put megaspells on a cool-down, maybe 3-5 turns between casts (again it could depend on the strength of the particular megaspell) - This would mean that some other spells are being used in the meantime.

    4) Make megaspells a one shot cast for the match - Repeated use of the same mega doesn't really feel all that mega, whereas a one off cast would do. In doing this you could also ramp up the power of some of the megaspells which are in use.

    Even if not something to implement across the board, these could potentially be options for custom games.

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Sun Feb 11, 2018 4:10 pm

  • Keep the choke to Classic Chaos which has the issue with camping and unbalanced staffs. The 'good' megaspells in Classic Chaos should cost more than they do which would provide a choke without disrupting other formats.

    A megaspell choke in Equipped Chaos would further tilt play towards creature-centric play and transmutation. MegaBolt doesn't need to be nerfed. Rats and Eagle megaspells are novelty builds, but really will never see the light of the vortex if there is an early-game ban on mega-spells. Mega-spells don't feel mega because they are mana dumps for More of the same rather than a new special unit or ability. Like, a MegaMeteor isn't one that can affect wizards, etc. Further restricting mega-spells leads to large hand sizes and lots of casting boost. Magic Attacks would no longer threaten hand-size. There would be much less tension in allotting points on the staff.

    Law mode couldn't be balanced if it was nailed down to the ground. No point in nerfing mega's to try and fix that format. :lol:
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Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:19 am

  • SpiteAndMalice wrote:
    2) Have an escalating cost for the use of mega spells (Maybe 25% increase in mana per usage) - This would make megaspells a less attractive option as the game progresses

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't a similar thing already exist? I thought mega spell cost did increase with each activation?
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Mon Feb 12, 2018 5:53 pm

  • MattyRasker wrote:Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't a similar thing already exist? I thought mega spell cost did increase with each activation?

    It was experimented with when law mode was first implemented (it was also applied to chaos mode for parity). It was restored to being a set mega-spell cost shortly after. I think there were a few reasons why the experiment didn't work..

    In chaos mode the spell cast isn't guaranteed (you can save up a ton of mana and still fail the cast.. unlike law where casts/attacks work 100% of the time) so a high cost mega-spell which could cost around 70+ mana to activate plus any additional mana to boost the casting % (which could be anything up to 35 more mana) ended up costing over 100+ mana for the second/third activation's.

    The escalating cost nerfed creatures a lot because after the update which added a whole bunch of non-creature spells the card draw (and the game as a whole) was pushed more towards non-creatures, now you can draw decks which consist of only 7 or 8 creature cards (well over half your deck can be non-creature cards) so having a creature mega-spell is often the best way to address this imbalance (it gives you sustainability in the long formats).

    The escalating cost also nerfed non-creature based staffs (attack/armoury), these staffs don't draw many creatures either and often don't have a creature mega-spell. These staffs kinda needed to be able to cast multiple mega-spells to be able to compete against creature armies (whether it be with magic attacks, mega-bolts, mass subversion/raise hell or multiple weapon stacking).

    The escalating costs made mid/high cost mega-spells far less viable, this placed all the forging emphasis on making staffs with the lowest possible mega-spell cost (escalating costs also nerfed talismans which require mana to activate).

    The game has to be creature based for it to work and creature spam had already been dealt with before the escalating costs thing was tried so it was an unnecessary nerf (only AI wizards are able to spam creatures now, as part of its adaptive difficulty level).

    One of the best (and only) ways to maintain a creature advantage on the battlefield is to kill wizards and reinvest the kill mana into creature mega-spells which are already well balanced.
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