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Discussion and questions about the latest version of Chaos Reborn. Not for bugs, but for comments about the game play.

  • Gardafour wrote:
    • Milk the Crushing Defeat!In a Hotseat game, the game should have a next player's turn button as normal even if the previous player was victorious. I don't like how the game ends on the other player's turn if they win because I come back to a victory screen but don't get to see the crushing defeat unless I use the re-wind tool. I'd like to click the my turn button and then feel my demoralizing defeat.
    • Manually Rearrange Cards. I'd like to be able to drag my spell cards around and re-order them, either for something to do while I wait for the other player, or to organize them in ways I prefer (by law, chaos, and neutral for example).

    I definately like those 2 ideas. :-)

    Anything that makes creatures easier to identify is a good call too.

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  • +1 for manually arranging cards. That sounds like something that would be simple to implement (says me, the non-programmer).
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  • Another unit idea I had was a bomb thrower or something. All ranged units require line of sight. It might be nice if there was one that could throw something like a grande over a tanglevinie, for example. Could be a bug that spits a glob of acidic vomit or a gnomish sapper that throws an explosive grande or maybe even a catapult that has a long range but not the best accuracy. Just some ideas.
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  • More feedback about the single player.

    First player slot needs an AI option: I had it set up for playing with my Daughter, her first and me second. Then, later I wanted to change her slot to an AI computer controlled slot, but couldn't because her name was in the first slot. Why can't the first slot be computer controlled? I wanted to practice against the AI when it goes first instead of me, but can't figure out how to do that.

    AI does some weird things. Like it subverted my giant, and then in the following round tried to disbelieve it? Really? The AI doesn't know that a subverted creature is clearly not an illusion?

    Another time it tried to attack a shadow tree, and the wizard stepped right up next to it and used the wizard's basic attack to try to kill the tree. The AI had other much better options, like taking a kill shot on me, so why it stepped right up next to the tree is beyond me. Tree killed the AI wizard btw.
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  • Gardafour wrote:First player slot needs an AI option:

    +1 to this. In the original you could watch the AI duke it out, was really quite entertaining. No reason why it couldn't be implemented here as well. However...

    Gardafour wrote:AI does some weird things.

    It does, but remember this is very early AI which Snapshot openly admit. They wanted to get something fun and playable out in time for Christmas, which we're all thankful for, but it definitely needs a lot more work. See the AI thread!
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  • Ah, sorry. I didn't know there was an AI thread. Figured AI would be part of the single player mode discussion. I realize it is an early version of the AI, and it is really good despite this. I just point out problems as I see them on the off chance that it could be helpful.
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