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Re: law and chaos website

Post by goldendragon76 » Mon Jan 05, 2015 3:22 pm

The lawandchaos site is great for tournament games which is something that can't be done in the main game yet.

I have very little experience of online games but I hope that eventually you will be able to get into tournament matches from the main game matchmaker screen. It would be great if there continues to be monthly tournaments but just on a bigger scale and probably with different beginner/intermediate/expert classifications that you can enter depending on your ranking/elo rating. I think it would be good if there were tournaments being held between guilds, factions, worshippers of different gods, nations, etc. and have all of the above in live and async versions and over all of the different game types.

There could be prizes in place where all entrants have to pay a small amount of gold and then the winning player/guild wins all or there could even be a very rare piece of equipment or talisman, etc that a god or demi god is allowed to offer up as a prize for the winner.

It would also be great if everything was ranked including individual wizards, guilds, gods, etc then anyone could check how far they are up on the rankings and who the current best player is, which guild is doing best, which god is number 1, etc.

In the meantime lawandchaos is great for competitive tournament play against the best players and Ped has done a great job with it and should be applauded.

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Re: law and chaos website

Post by Incarnadine » Tue Jan 06, 2015 8:40 am

Nice ideas GD76 i hope they make it into the game. Law and chaos is a great site it kept the game going for a while and still does by providing a place where the more experienced players can find strong players to go up against but i think we all dip into the random matches refreshed from our tournament games, if i could only play random matches i fear i would have lost interest a little by now. A big thank you to Ped209 for setting it up and Rafi with his determination to spread the joy of tea.

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Re: law and chaos website

Post by Anarchobadger » Wed Jan 07, 2015 1:05 pm

krayzkrok wrote:
Twitter: @lawnchaos
I'd quite like to see this Lawn Chaos game.

Is it this: ... id=0000089 ? :-) From around the same era as Chaos!!