some spell idea

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some spell idea

Post by Stitchy » Thu Feb 19, 2015 1:29 am

k time for some dreaming here i hope u guys dont mind

how about a spell called firespawn (or something better im not native english)

basically it puts a hex on fire for x? turns giving a small chance to hit anything on the tile
at the start of the owners turn there is a small chance that the fire spawns a firebat a creature with a limited timelife (say 3 turns and then it dies)

you could do similar with a mud spawn only this time its a blob of mud removing flying capability on anything that is on on the hex and spawning a mudgolem
or put a grave down that spawns zombies and instills fear on the unit on the tile causing it to move erratically for x turns (ie it doesnt always go where the owner clicks it)

and ofc u can come up with more elements/ combos

basically the spell consists of 2 parts: the initial effect (chance to hit/some effect) and the after effect (chance of spawning a mob with a limited life)

i dno if that made any sense but i couldnt resist