Defraws and Growths

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Defraws and Growths

Post by gary » Sat Mar 07, 2015 9:06 am

So anyone on the tourny client last night will know what is about to come and apologies for the colourful (oi amerian coded forum spelling colourful with a U isnt a mispell) language last night.

So I thought I would give the ranked stuff a go just to see whats what.

First game the wizard came over the top of his vine and i was able to kill him before he got away again.

He wanted a rematch so I obliged of course as I am nice like that.

I was given the staff of growths which is never ever good in a VP situation.

Despite being up in the game for most of it I soon found myself out numbered and had to resort to using a blob so to prevent getting killed. Surprise surprise, my opponent started to close the gap by simply killing the blob back. A teleport later I am forced to use a shadow wood in the hope to once more prevent my death and pray I could hold out and hold on to the lead. On his last turn he kill enough trees to draw level and had one attack left on a blob that thankfully didnt work.

So game ends and it is 27 points each, yes a draw. Shock, horror :o

Few things seriously irked me about this. This is the perfect example of why I have never liked VPs. It effects your game and how you go about it. I held of as long as I could on casting my blob and wood as I knew for a fact it is basically gifting your opponent free points and you shouldn't be afraid to cast spells because while in a normal game they help you but in a VP situation they also work against you. And with the hole staff influence thing, I had little or no options due to having the growth staff. I also dont like how it makes you back off once ahead. With the new points for kills only thing once you are ahead there is no reason for you engage your troops and instead just need to pull them back or even dispel them so your opponent has little or no chance to make a kill. and to me, this isnt Chaos.

Another thing was on completion of game is came up saying i was defeated.

Was I still alive? Yes

Was I out scored? No

Did I play my hand the best I could given what I had? Yes

So how on earth was this classed as a defeat????????

PS. in the second game he has 28 spell and i had 20...... seriously? That is a massive advantage and is basically free burns for him with no adverse effect
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