Having a selected load out for both law/chaos mode

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  • Mentioned this at one point, but thought i'd drag it out again.
    When queueing for both game modes...or wait...i just don't do that because i don't have any load outs that i'd prefer to play on both modes with..heh

    I feel whenever i make a loadout it's for a specific game mode, as in it would not play optimally in the other mode...at least as far as i know...I'd love to queue for both modes, especially when the player count is low, but it's just such a pain in the but to load into a seperate screen and get at my load out.

    An alternative might be something like the load out drop down menu in the custom lobby. Having something like that available on the main menu screen would be nice.
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  • Yeah it would be handy, not just for Law/Chaos modes either - Players being able to pre create a skin for Classic/Equipped modes too would be useful. A few people have said that they struggle to identify which mode they're playing in now, being able to always play Classic in Red bodygear for instance could be a big help there.

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