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Not ready status

Posted: Mon Jan 30, 2017 9:05 am
by SpiteAndMalice
I'm just wondering whether anything can be done after a certain amount of time to alert players who have been set in not ready status within custom game lobbies?

I'm finding a few times lately where I'll set up a 6 way match, 5 players will join, of which 4 will set themselves ready, but 1 player forgets to. (This is classic games btw, so there's no gear to set).

I'm then notifying that player within the lobby that they need to set themselves ready if they wish to play, and then I'm giving it 24hours or so to see whether they do.

The problem with this is that if that player doesn't go back into the custom lobby within that time they don't see the message. That then leaves me as the lobby creator the choice of either booting that player from the game (not somehing I like doing to that player), or waiting even longer (not fair on the other players in the lobby who are ready and waiting).

The only way I've found around this is to send people a message on steam, but then that's reliant on having someone in your steam contacts.

So hence I'm wondering whether something could be done (maybe in the form of a UI alert, or summary in game message) to let players know when they have a game that they need to set themselves as ready in.