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Tue Mar 07, 2017 9:01 am

  • The option to play the Duel format versus a 'human opponent only' is being implemented (to avoid ever having to be matched against an AI wizard with an escalating difficulty level).

    So, could the option to face an 'AI opponent only' also be implemented?

    The benefits of the 'AI only' option would be..

    -No queuing, instant quick match

    -It plays like a rogue-like single player game! (due to the win streak system with adaptive difficulty level AI)

    At a certain streak level the AI remains a constant challenge and escalates in difficulty until it reaches a certain threshold at which it becomes almost impossible to compete with (due to the amount of mana it receives, mega-spell spam etc)

    The AI's level actually reflects the streak level you are at.. therefore your streak level is more reflective of your ability

    -It plays like an addictive daily challenge (what level can you reach before the AI wipes you out)

    -It could give players who only play custom games a source of XP and Gold

    -Plays like advanced training before entering Ranked play

    -Perfect for testing forge builds (this is where you find out which builds cope best under intense pressure and find the most consistent and effective load-outs for countering an opponent who has a head-start on you)

    -Good solo grind (for players who like grind)
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Wed Mar 08, 2017 12:55 am

  • Love it. AI gets crazy advantages beginning sometime after Level 10 (at least in Chaos mode), so it's a quick way to some intense gameplay without pausing.

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Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:29 am

  • and add classic modes too, which adds nice value for a small investment of effort
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Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:50 am

  • NoWorries wrote:Love it. AI gets crazy advantages beginning sometime after Level 10 (at least in Chaos mode), so it's a quick way to some intense gameplay without pausing.

    Very much so, to be honest it's the sort of thing I would play for hours at a time. I like the solo grind and escalating difficulty level (it's SP stripped down to just battles).

    For SP I like the hardcore realms (the ones where the AI wizards start with multiple mercs), but I've played them many times over and it's the same set-piece battles each time (just with slightly different mercs).

    A.I. Duels would be completely random and extremely varied because the database of players and staffs is huge now.

    ..Oh, I forgot to mention to add classic mode to Duel to!

    (And if you want to make Duel really perfect.. make it 2 min turns, just to make more builds viable and more moves possible, 90 secs is limiting, but not in a good way)
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Wed Mar 08, 2017 3:57 pm

  • +1 to adding classic mode.

    I've never really been interested in duels, in part this is because it's only available in equipped mode. (Likewise for realms).
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Thu Mar 09, 2017 3:01 am

  • What I'd do personally is:

    1) Rip out Duel mode
    2) Place 'Delve' Mode in it's place.
    It's pretty much what you described, something of a mold inbetween what duel mode is and what the coop realms are like as in
    -You have matches vs AI that gets increasingly difficult (to the point were it gets to what it's like in the realm coop battles)
    -Have a button were you can invite a pal to go into this delve with you
    3)Reincorporate some of the rewards/penalties stuff into the ranked mode
    -On top of ranks, have escalating rewards similar to duel mode

    Have a game mode, were ranked pvp players are funnelled into one stream and have the rest for the remaining PVE/COOP/INVASION/ALLY/ETC

    I feel like you might already have some of the numbers to create a well paced challenge ladder. Just have to allocate value points (similar to how the lord pts distribute reinforcements to them) with some small exceptions as in limiting how many 1st turn advantage creatures you funnel in (undead, flyers, mounts, etc.)

    I personally enjoyed creating the coop realms, and finding the cool maps that the game generates (Some of those mountain maps before that update were some of the golden stuff)

    I remember seeing an 'Ally' button in the duel mode prototype pictures, that had me hyped!
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Thu Mar 09, 2017 12:01 pm

  • Given whats going on, I dont think we will see any major changes to the game for quite a while
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Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:49 pm

  • Just thought i'd bump this thread with some thoughts:

    This could be a nice way to help keep players in the game while waiting for other games to get going, so i thought i'd place a couple ideas (some from my thread that's very keen on taking duel mode out...heh, but i'm happy to find a compromise :D)

    Along with mazy's suggestions, i'd be curious to see what would happen if:
    - You rescaled the AI difficulty differently (either by adding reinforcements, changing boosted mana per turn instead of just giving them a lump sum at the beginning, or even adding wizards as to face, or some combination of the 3)
    - You added a coop mode so players could jump in with a friend to try AI opponents (give the AI a buff to compensate and split the rewards 50/50. Ideally the buff would be something other then just lopping a 2nd AI in
    - Perhaps some system were you could get rewarded a random merc here and there to help against the odds.

    I guess ultimately, what i'm gearing towards is basically the realm experience stripped down to a match by match thing. I feel in ways that you could really capitalize on the varying PVE battles that realm provides, but kick it up 10x

    by removing the realm layer you can give yourself the opportunity to:
    -Make battle map generation boundless (on a match by match basis, instead of waiting for new realms to be released)
    -Make the wizard lord generation more varied (perhaps even putting in actual wizard lords for added difficulty challenges)
    -Just be able to get straight to the action

    You could possibly even mimic how the realm difficulty works. Simulating the ideal difficulty curve of realms level 1 through 12, having a palace battle inbetween each (although the difficulty curve of realms arent their strong point)

    Just some thoughts.
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Mon Apr 24, 2017 5:13 pm

  • just thought i'd bump with an idea as even having an 'AI only' button to coincide with an 'AI off' button would be nice. Was just playing some duels vs AI this morning, and thought of how nice it'd be to bypass the minute wait time.

    An alternative, if you don't want to muck up the duel menu with buttons is:

    On the 'match queue' add a button that says 'Play AI now' along with the cancel button just so those who are familiar can just click that extra button and get right into it.
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Tue May 09, 2017 3:47 am

  • I remember seeing a 'Battle AI' check button on one of the images and thought about an easy way to add this.

    1)when AI box ticked off, go directly to player match
    ---if player unavailable, ask them if they want to go into AI match
    2)when AI box ticked on, go directly to bot match

    seems simple enough, just crossed my mind.
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