Duel mode AI: What if just more mana was given per turn?

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  • Was just curious about this...You want to raise the difficulty, but the initial mana boost seems to just clash with the design of the game. Doesn't have you guessing about the AI, as they generally just take the path of least resistance and use their mana to pump out big monsters.

    Perhaps if they simply just got more mana per turn you could keep a bit more dynamism in how a match with the AI would play out? Pressure the player to make the most of there moves before the AI gets OP as opposed to just having them throw a wave of stuff at you from the beginning.

    Just a thought.
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  • Dwarf Run takes a nice approach to this with its arena mode. The equivalent in Chaos Reborn would be:

    Level 1 The AI has rats on the map at the start of the battle.
    Level 2 The AI has a goblin
    Level 3 The AI has a dwarf

    And so on


    Level 25 The AI has a Dragon (Or whatever level equals the number of creatures in the game)
    Level 26 The AI has rats and more rats
    Level 27 The AI has rats and a goblin
    Level 28 The AI has rats and a dwarf

    And so on again.

    Level 50 The AI has rats and a Dragon
    Level 51 The AI has a goblin and rats and more rats
    Level 52 The AI has a goblin and rats and another goblin
    Level 53 the AI has a goblin and rats and a dwarf.

    Level 75 the AI has a goblin and rats and a dragon.

    Eventually you reach a point where the AI starts with every possible creature starting on the board.

    An alternative, which would work quicker, would be:

    Level 1 the AI starts with a 90% cast.
    Level 2 the AI starts with a 80% cast
    Level 3 the AI starts with a 70% cast.

    Another alternative which would lead to more challenges would be if this was themed according to staff types. I.e. If you faced the Law challenge for instance.

    Level 1 the AI start with a dwarf.
    Level 2 the AI starts with an elf
    Level 3 the AI starts with a unicorn.

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  • what if...

    The AI wizard had these 3 values that increased with level:

    a) Increase mana gained per turn
    b) Increased value of spells in deck
    c) Reinforcements on start of match

    d?)Other possibilities could be simply tweaking up the various stats of a wizard such as there melee,defense,magic power,deck amount,boosting bonus, etc. This could possibly take the place of b), as you could incorporate more variety in their. Randomly allocating stats to wizards as you level up.

    Perhaps with these 3 variables you could have something that scales up in a well paced way.


    lvl 1 - AI on it's own (0a)(0b)(0c)
    lvl 2 - AI with (1a)(.5b)(0c)
    lvl 3 - AI with (2a)(1b)(0c)
    lvl 4 - AI with (2a)(1b)(1c)
    lvl 5 - AI with (3a)(1.5b)(1c)
    lvl 6 - AI with (4a)(2b)(1c)
    lvl 7 - AI with (4a)(2b)(2c)
    lvl 8 - AI with (5a)(2.5b)(2c)
    lvl16 - AI with (10a)(5b)(4c)

    The variables themselves are not really specified....Just if you had a few variables to dial up as progression took place.
    For me, the AI starting with creatures does grind with the game design of the game (the whole dynamic of starting with a wizard and building up an army of creatures)

    I feel like something that scaled up to 30 levels might be a good place...of course you could have it go forever for whoever is up for that challenge but pacing it for about 30 levels to achieve something.

    Perhaps for the experienced players, you could have an unlockable level cap were you can just jump in at level 10 or something of the sort as suggested by noworries (irc)

    Sort of going beyond the scope for duel mode, but i think that theres a chance that something like this would totally appeal to the coop players if you added it. Think i might put up a new thread.
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