AI Challenges by staff type.

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Wed Mar 22, 2017 8:52 am

  • An idea to spice up duels and add content.

    Let the type of AI opponent that the player faces in Duels be selectable by staff type.

    This would allow the player to go on a number of different runs or challenges.

    The Law run
    The Chaos run
    The Flyers run
    The Attack run

    It'd be a good way for the player to test out their builds against different staff types.

    If you wanted to narrow this down you could restrict the player to using the same staff type as their opponent.

    It you wanted to really open this up you could let the player go on different runs based on both their staff type and their opponents.

    The law vs chaos run
    The law vs flyers run
    The law vs law run
    The growths vs law run

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Wed Mar 22, 2017 10:13 pm

  • I think you're on to something. Why not have broader potential for a wide variety of duel types in the serialized Duel format that are customized by players who create them?

    For example, a god or demigod player could iterate a custom match setting which allows only Classic Chaos matches though with a Shooters taboo. Corresponding with the current Duel Level for duels, each consecutive victory increases the Challenge Level by one, increasing the AI difficulty/mana available to the challenger's opponent in the match. The idea for staff restrictions could be a subset of the configuration options rather than the whole.

    The player with the highest current Challenge Level that month would be considered the "Champion" (or whatever) of the god/demigod who presented the challenge match. Either the current champion or the god/demigod could substitute in for the AI much like invaders do now for realm matches.

    These could be additional routes to obtain all of the current rewards offered for Duels, except for the daily bonus.

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