Randomised starting order for custom matches.

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  • Custom matches really need an checkbox option to allow the players' starting order to be random.

    Edit - And/or starting positions.

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  • SpiteAndMalice wrote:Custom matches really need an checkbox option to allow the players' starting order to be random.


    Much needed.. for nearly every single FFA game set up the starting order needs to be decided by RNG, almost every time (this is how it used to be by default).

    No matter what order the players enter the lobby, for convenience, their starting order at the start of the game should be jumbled every time (for fairness, it takes the decision away from the host).

    RNG needs to decide who goes first in a 1v1 (like a pre-match coin toss) ..starting positions and turn orders in 3way/4way matches need to be random every time. It's only really team games that need to have a configurable turn order/starting positions.

    I've reported a bug related to this on more than one occasion, believe it or not the matchmaker also stopped randomising the starting orders (this started around the same time custom lobbies were introduced), I'm convinced it's a bug related to how custom lobbies work (unless it's been fixed in time for the upcoming update, I don't recall getting any reply on it though).

    Now even in ranked games the turn order is decided by the order in which players enter the queue, this means the host always goes first.. if someone sets up lots of games, say they queue up 10, 20, 30 matches, guess who always goes first in them..


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  • Agreed. The more customization options the better for custom matches.

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  • We used to have it along with randomized maps for rematches but ever since the new GUI was intorduced we lost both
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  • Another thing that appears to be off is player starting positions on maps, they seem to be preset for every map, i.e, in a 6way game player one will always start at the map position specifically designated for player one (this is unconfirmed but it doesn't appear to be randomized anymore, e.g, player one doesn't appear to be occasionally given a different starting position).

    ..so if you're player one in a bunch of games on the same map you will experience that one particular starting section of a map over and over, plus you will always have the same players on your left and right if they are regularly assigned starting position 2 and 3.

    ..This is another reason why randomization of starting orders/positions is important.. especially since this also seems to effect the ranked matchmaker to, you can get 3/4way FFA games all lining up the same (e.g, same starting orders, same starting positions).
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