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Thu May 18, 2017 4:30 pm

  • Just a random idea that might be interesting to have. So as of now, there are only equipment in the shops, but perhaps the stores could be utilized to carry more functionality to realm play. Some ideas for items include:

    Healing salve: Comes into effect after a battle, allows a merc to be revitalized (not dead) Would be a great way to mitigate rng, especially when losing named story characters, as turn 1 vengeance attack can be pretty disheartening..heh

    You could possibly have different variants of salves that heal specific types of "kills" including....

    -Magic attack spells
    -mortal wounds
    -A device that allows you to regain non killed mercs when you revive at a wizard tower.
    -specifically heals undead units

    This could also add some various tactical implications, as it might help in choosing a particular way to play with a character during battle. Perhaps certain creatures could require extra amounts of certain salves to heal them.
    Key: If random treasure is ever added to realms. Could allow players to get a type of key which unlocks any loot that could be had after a wizard is killed, or perhaps turn one of those *ordinary chests* into something more substantial.
    Totems: Adds a totem to your inventory to be spawned along side you as a merc when you choose to use it.
    Pre battle buffs for certain creatures.

    Stuff like this could add some more interest in towns, in a fairly simple manner.

    The way you could handle items in the realm GUI is to simply have a pop up appear before and after battles, letting you decide which ones to use and what to use them on (your mercs) Could also help in mitigating those heavier AI creature reinforced battles.
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