Wish List for custom game objectives/options

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  • Seeing what's available, here are some suggestions for objectives:

    'defeat wizard' - Choose specific wizard/team to defeat
    'protect merc' - Spawn a merc on the battle field for player to protect
    'survive till turn' -specify turn to survive to
    'gather treasure chests' - like ruin mini game, though have chest defense a priority win/lose condition
    'Use trait' specify a trait like leech, bulldoze, ranged attack, melee attack, web, paralyze, etc.

    -Player plays as spell totem (set a team and have an option for which village totem, combo of villages, as well as tiers of totems)
    -mana boost at start of game
    -Set the type of wizard for AI slot (using the algorythm for realms editor random wizards bank) to set a flying staff/chaos/vigilant/arcane/etc.
    -Start player with casted spell (then have various creature spells start on map as mercs, equipment as equipped on wizard, totems on the map like mercs)

    I think these alone, along with the proposed change in the menu (which i posted in the bugs section and the seperate thread) could allow a good amount of options for players for a good while.

    here...why not post it for those who dont want to go digging around
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  • Another interesting thing that could add alot to the game, if the previously mentioned customization options were added:

    Being able to make persistent lobbies were:
    -Demi Gods do not have to be available
    -The lobby persists after being played (or after players are done, the lobby goes back up reset to the settings the demi god made)

    This would allow for persistent custom games for PVE players who want to earn some gold/crystals while playing.

    I would limit players ability to play any lobby once, as to avoid exploits.

    The demigod could then earn the ability to create more then 1 of these custom lobbies at a time, depending on their demi god ranking. Perhaps simply base it on how many players play their lobbies. Sort of a supply and demand thing.

    One more is distinguish demi god games in the lobby from others (perhaps a green font)
    And for the demi god lobby, an option to create flavor text, that always rises to the top would be interesting.

    say player types: DemiG/Welcome to my lobby

    The text would appear at the top of the chat box as a Italic, greyish shaded text.

    This could allow a good amount of presentation for the lobby creaters.
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