Ranking/stats/medals a wee on the messy side.

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  • With beta branch adding another ranking chart, i'm thinking it might be time to revamp the stats a bit.

    simply what i'd do:
    1)take the 3 buttons out of rank menu, which pertain to rankings/stats/medals
    2)Place tabs on the ranking displayed in the duel menu to switch through them
    3)Place respective rank tabs on their respective menus
    ex. duel mode on duel mode, rank mode on rank mode, realm stats on realm mode,

    perhaps here, you could simply have a Rank/Stats/Metal tabs for each respective mode.

    The guild rank could stay on the on the left, personal stats on the right.
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  • Or you could just put all stats on their own page.

    But yeah, it's a mess at the moment - Also, friendly stats are still being shown, do they need to? The friendly game mode no longer exists since custom games appeared.

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  • The Duel menu now harshes my mellow. I use to play Duels to get away from stats and such. Now... they're in my face. I completely don't mind that they're ranked and such. But, can we not please, please, please, please be able to toggle off all the harsh, stressful numbers and such?

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  • Lol, Baldr.

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  • I do like the idea of the stats though, especially how the weekly ranks keep you in the loop on whos playing.

    What would be nice is if each mode had it's own corresponding rank chart (as opposed to hiding them all in the rank menu...what's realm stats doing there? heh)

    Just have a tab ontop of the ranking charts with the following options to display:

    Weekly/Monthly/Medals & Random Stats/Hide
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