Un-optimized archmage stats in offline mode

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Un-optimized archmage stats in offline mode

Post by Mazy » Fri Jun 16, 2017 4:21 pm

Been testing the new beta version in offline mode and noticed something regarding the way wizard level affects load-out stats.

In offline mode Arch-mage (hard) wizard armors always have around two unspent forge points, Initiate (medium) has around four forge points missing from its builds and Sorcerer (easy) has around 6 forge points missing from its builds.

This makes sense as a way of controlling A.I. wizard difficulty level but not sure why it also applies to human players because it means even when you set all offline mode human wizards to arch-mage class they are still allocated weakened armors with un-optimized stats (I haven't fully checked to see if this same system is applied to staffs to).

Two unspent points is a very noticeable weakness for a top tier armor to have, and 4-6 unspent points is a massive weakness.. the fine tuning could be more subtle.

I'm guessing this system is partly the remnants of the old leveling system (which applied to gear) or perhaps an older version of the forge system existed back then, a system which had less forge points available for gear, therefore offline mode is possibly using the first (outdated) iteration of 'Arcane Supplies' gear..

..it feels a bit like a bug (or an oversight) that the arch-mage top level wizards in offline mode don't receive fully optimized gear like the wizards in online mode do (in customs and realms).


..in offline mode a typical arch-mage arcane armor would be something like Att 20/Def 30/MP 130 (technically there are still leftover un-applied forge points).. when an arch-mage in online mode is allocated the same armor the forge points would be maxed out so the stats would be something more like 20/30/160 or 20/40/150 (optimized).

..A top tier heroic armor in online mode wouldn't have Att 40/Def 30/MP 100 (as seen in offline mode). A top tier armor in online mode would use all available forge points and look something more like 40/30/120 or 50/40/100 (all forge points used).

Suggested Fixes - In offline mode, make arch-mage wizards use optimized equipment - all available forge points spent, Initiates - 2 unspent forge points, Sorcerers - 4 unspent forge points..

..OR, have all three levels receive optimized gear (i.e, the 'Arcane Supplies' gear you find in online mode) but just alter the style of gear each tier receives (this is how it works in online mode)..

Arch-mage (hard) - Good well balanced gear with strengths in the right places that you would expect for the gear type (i.e, Heroic - high Att, Arcane - high MP, Vig - high Def).
Initiate (medium) - Average gear, fairly even stats across the board (doesn't really excel in any particular department).
Sorcerer (easy) - Gear with an obvious deficiency/weakness in a key area (i.e, poor defence, easier to kill).

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Re: Un-optimized archmage stats in offline mode

Post by anjovi » Fri Jun 16, 2017 9:02 pm

Thinking that if you touched up this system in some way, you might even be able to apply some of it to the duels levelling system.

I remember facing Mazy in a coop realm with partner and remembered a stacked sword and armour happening as the game progressed. By the end, we got by just a sliver as mazy was this flying monster roaming around the map.

I'm curious if AI wizards could possibly receive forge points that exceed the maximum at a certain point to add to a more tight difficulty curve (laxing on the mega mana buff)

Perhaps a good looking at for both modes could greatly improve the singleplayer experience.