custom asynch confusion

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custom asynch confusion

Post by Aka » Mon Jun 26, 2017 4:02 pm

with the exciting flow of new players coming in I'm beginning to see a complication with the asynch custom games. Something we are already accustomed to on a relatively minor (yet still quite annoying) level is setting up a mulitplayer asynch game, going through the trouble of setting up teams and a framework for the game (rat megas only etc) only to get to turn 1 or 2 and the game gets stuck for 20+ days running someone's clock out AND then the game starts back up but the teams are now uneven...

I'm noticing recently that new players are just signing up for stuff, not even sure what they are signing up for.

I even nabbed one of them in the act, played a few live games with him, and attempted to explain the difference. He simply didn't want to hear or understand (kept telling me to hurry up :)), went right from our games back to the asynch lobbies and kept signing up thinking they were all live games about to start :) despite my assertions to the contrary.

So, there's a few diff issues at work here. 1 is that we absolutely need some kind of information explaining what asynch games are right there in the asynch game list. The 2nd is that, while that may help filter out a bunch of accidental players joining up, there will still be some like my friend described above who simply don't care and sign up anyway, thereby monkeywrenching the works.