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Fri Jul 07, 2017 9:18 am

  • I'm sure this has been mentioned before but I've just gone back to the forge and it would be much better if you could put talismans in the slots then press the test button.

    I'm sure most people create gear with a loadout in mind but you can't test it because when you press test it just sticks a load of random talismans in the sl0ts.

    Are there any plans to change this or do others like it the way it is?
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Fri Jul 07, 2017 1:34 pm

  • This would be very useful. I agree, most of the time it's the sl0t configurations that a player wants to test. If we could just manually place the talismans in the vacant forged sl0ts before every forge test (perhaps on some kind of pre-match screen) it would function a lot better as an actual forge test.

    Gryth raised the issue a while a go.. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=4822&p=50550#p50550
    ..and here's what I posted in the 'Community Driven Roadmap' thread a while back..

    Rework 'Forge Test'

    Current issues:

    - You can't test your build accurately because talismans cannot be picked manually
    - You can only fight against a mirror image of your build
    - You cant test it in law mode rules

    ..Point 2 (always facing a mirror build) is also important, ideally we need to be able to test our forges against a random AI build, not a mirror build.
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