Reinforcement ideas for adding to realm difficulty curve

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Reinforcement ideas for adding to realm difficulty curve

Post by anjovi » Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:13 pm

In regards to reinforcements in realms and difficulty curve:

Right now: Lords are given reinforcements which can range from a rat to a dragon. Once the max head count is reached they are stuck with whatever they are given. This can cause massively different ranges of difficulty depending what gets initially dealt.

What if: as reinforcements are dealt, and the points keep being spent, their where random re allocations or trade ins of crappier creatures for stronger ones. Say after this many points have been distributed and not disrupted by the player, you could have the lords replace their rats and dwarves for lions and elves.

This could create a good difficulty curve and give the days that the players spend more meaning.

This could also make the game feel more dynamic.

I'd give it about 4 tiers:

1)real low casts (rats/dwarves/goblins)
2)less so (skeletons, lions, elves, etc.)
3) manticores, vampires, giants, etc.
4) hydra, dragon

where the trade in's could cut off is tier 3, this simply so that you keep variance in the late game creature distributions. The hydras and dragons could just remain as they are being something that has a chance of appearing based (say if for whatever reason the lord trades in 2 rats and a goblin for a dragon)

This could also make battles less tedious as instead of having filler creatures to deal with, you have tougher creatures to deal with.
Having marauders become more powerful with each spawn could also have an interesting effect on teh game, causing the resources you gather to become more important (managing mercs you get, makes recruiting villages to impede marauders and help you in battles in such a way that helps preserve your mercs)

This could simply be in the form of giving marauder's a reinforcement buff with each spawn that they get for free on top of whatever points it takes to spawn them.