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Sat Aug 05, 2017 12:35 pm

  • It'd be nice if you could enter a game ID for any asynch game and then look at the action. Sometimes you see a really great game unfolding, but you're only able to view it if one of the players from that game is currently in that particular game.

    The UI already allows us to 'Enter Game ID' when spectating games, to which I suspect that this would just be a change to permissions. So how about either opening this up so that player could view any game, or even making all asynch games present in the spectate list so that the asynch matches could be viewed regardless of whether players are in that game or not?

    This would also have the effect of showing that Chaos Reborn is active - I suspect that there are quite a number of asynch games that are currently in progress, but when you look at the spectate list, and only see games that people are currently making moves in it appears that Chaos Reborn is a lot less active than it actually is.

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Sat Aug 05, 2017 5:13 pm

  • Yeah, is kindof funny. As y'all know i'm pretty active in the async multiplayer games. I didn't even know they were a thing until i'd passed level 100 and that was sortof by accident. In some ways, the insular nature of this is nice because it protects the easy sabotage caused by new players. But, it does seem like opening a window into that world would benefit the community. Is a lot of old-timers in that group, lots of really goodplayers and good games, but what is really special is the funny exchanges and largely non-competitive nature of it.
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Sat Aug 05, 2017 10:11 pm

  • Good ideas, I've often tried to enter a game ID to try to spectate a game but it hasn't worked, I just figured I was doing something wrong. I still don't know how to spectate using an ID, so the only async games I can spectate are the ones that appear in the spectate list.

    I think Frozen Synapse has some kind of spectate system which allows you to watch other players ongoing async games or perhaps it's just their archived async replays.

    For live games I wish there was a way to save/archive the replay, in the same way that our async list holds the match replay for a few days. It is possible to go back and record the replay of an async game but for a live game you have to record it in real-time.

    ..For YouTube purposes it's probably better to post a match which has been uploaded from an archived replay rather than the full match (as it was in real-time).

    There have been so many live games (in PvP and realms) that I wished I was able to archive the replay (for a later upload). Live games have a game ID, so I wonder if the replays do stick around a while on a server somewhere?

    Spectate is a very underrated feature tactically to, it's useful to watch other games and learn from what you see (pick up on trends etc). Using the stuff you have learned through watching your opponents play can make the tactics and mind games more interesting..

    When I used to play competitive 1v1 Chaos (before all the law mode, duel mode business and the accompanying 1v1 map reductions) I found being able to spectate opponents 1v1 games very beneficial..

    ..Scouting their games allows you to observe what they do in various situations against other players (e.g, when and where they use illusions). When you face them in a match you will have some info locked away about their play-style and methods..

    ..Knowledge of any observed weaknesses might be the thing that gives you the edge in a critical moment. You will be able to read them better, you will recognize certain moves and illusion plays that they have used against other players.. It's very satisfying getting your strategy right or making a big call based on the homework you did.
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Sun Aug 06, 2017 11:45 am

  • Also I killed three wizards in three turns recently and I would like to share the moment!


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Wed Aug 09, 2017 1:37 pm

  • I think this is a very good idea. And share my, which seems to be here to the place. It would be very good to be able to save replays of the games. Sometimes you really want to save (for descendants ;)) a particularly bright party. I suppose the replay file would not weigh much, because in essence, it should contain only a record of all the actions that occurred in the game, which are reproduced by the game engine when viewed.
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Thu Aug 10, 2017 10:01 am

  • Thanks for this suggestion, I've made a note to look into this.
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