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Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:03 am

  • It's great that custom games are finally making an appearance.

    Some ideas, for how these could be taken forward (Cross posted from the demi-god forum)

    - Are we able to set opposing teams towards the same challenge? i.e. 'Kill God's Champion' with that objective given to both Team A and Team B.
    - Can the AI be set as a team mate for the player(s) attempting a challenge

    - First to reach position x
    - Kill player in position x (We've run a couple of custom games recently based on a mechanic similar to Risk, it's a really nice variant).
    - Protect (either a player, a location, or a merc)
    - Escort

    Difficulty Ratings:
    - How about showing this as a completion percentage? - That lets the player decide for themselves how much of a challenge they wish to enter into.

    Game Mode:
    - Can this be set to asynch? - Not sure what the percentage is, but there's a good group of player who play the game this way. I think it will be important for them to be able to play challenges via asynch. Speaking personally I'm a lot more likely to be present to defend against a challenge using that mode than via live play, and it would allow me to role play more effectively with those players in addition to making moves.

    Match Conditions:
    - Could we setup matches where it is a requirement that a player must have a certain staff type/megaspell/talisman? These types of games are proving popular within custom games at the moment.
    - Could randomised equipment be added in here somehow? (Like how offline matches work).
    - Could special conditions be set? i.e. Additional AI wizard/creature(s) enter the map after turn x, or Magic Trees are neutral, and therefore can be entered by all (Imagine a map which starts with only Magic Trees on it).
    - Could the spell count for players be adjusted? i.e. Player x starts with y number of spells.

    - Could disbelieve be added in here? - A no disbelieve game is a nice match variant.
    - Could dispel be added in here? - A no dispel game is a nice match match variant.
    - Could undead slayer be added in here?
    - Could individual creature abilities, or creature abilities as a whole be added in as a tattoo?
    - Could talismans be added in as a taboo? - Creating a level 1 equipped game.
    - Could burning be a taboo?
    - Could boosting be a taboo?
    - Could alignment shift be a taboo?

    - Win a piece of god forged equipment - That could engage with players who like to collect things. (Could a reward like this be obtained in stages i.e. 8 victories needed to squire a god staff, 4 needed to obtain a demigod staff.
    - Artwork; there's god images available within the lore of the game, could these appear on a rewards screen for the player?
    - Placement in realms - Something that we would have to offer on an ad hoc basis, but it could be nice to say to players that the first one to win challenge blah blah will have a presence in a new realm.
    - Progression to closed competitions - Could we award players with tickets that allow them to enter more challenging challenges or less frequent competitions i.e. a seasonal final.
    - Guild entry - Again this could be adhoc, but maybe some gods could feel that a player must win x number of their challenges (or another god's challenges) before being allowed to join a guild. Imagine a player then needing to obtain a golden ticket from one of those seasonal challenges in order to be in the pool to face Julian in a Gollop Wollop.
    - Guild positions - That the winner of guild challenge x could be promoted to position y within a guild.
    - Game Titles; 'Champion of Baldr' 'Slayer of Seph' 'Winner of Mount Fest' (This could be placed onto an achievements page for the player, or maybe presented like a list of credits).

    The Guild of the Cephalopods is now recruiting - We embrace all.

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Tue Aug 08, 2017 9:04 am

  • What else could we potentially do with this? - I think personally with custom games, this is taking CR in the right direction, done right it would lead to a lot of replayability.

    The Guild of the Cephalopods is now recruiting - We embrace all.

    - Chief Tentacle Arranger in The Guild of the Cephalopods.
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Wed Aug 09, 2017 7:26 pm

  • Having played the update a bit:

    1)Have the option to stack objectives like you can taboos.

    2)Change Use Spell to Use Spell/Trait:
    Ontop of the spell list, add a list of traits like webbed, undead, retaliate, melee,leech ranged, bulldoze, law,chaos, mount....basically squeeze out every usable trait that you can out of the creature traits and add them to the list. In my mind this would be the natural thing to add next as i imagine you'd just have to associate these traits, and copy the coding used for spells instead of programming something entirely new.

    You could also include status effects such as: trapped in web, trapped in blob, paralyzed, etc.

    3)Add options to make an open slot different types of things:
    -Wizard: the standard wizard
    -Village totem: Choose from preset totems, or customize your own totems (will require a pop up sub menu to edit)
    -Creature Squad: Create a batch of creatures for this player to control (will require a pop up sub menu to edit)

    (having groups of 3 players each controlling their own elf squads racing to take down the 1 wizard would be sweet!)

    4)Have games open and close when demigod/god goes online offline. Putting together some sweet challenges takes a bit of time and when no one is around to join the game, it'd be nice to have a custom game ready to go for when you log back on (ideally when more players are around)

    Same goes for when you have someone from your guild watching over it for you.

    I'd personally like to be able to have multiple game setups primed and ready for when i log in. Ideally:
    1)I log on and go to custom games to look over the ones i've created
    2)I enter the lobby of one of those games
    3)The lobby goes online for
    4a) I exit room unchaproned and the lobby goes off again
    4b) The lobby is filled and game commences, after which the lobby goes back into offline mode incase i want to make tweaks, keep it around for later or just delete the room.
    4c) No players bite, so i just exit the room to have it available for a later time.

    5) Pop up notification for when demi god challenges go online. Have a pop up similar to invader/ally pop ups come up that draw players attention to new challenges that become available.

    6) Add a custom options menu for realms mode editor (replacing taboos).
    Basically, instead of placing a taboo on a tile, you'd place custom game options.

    When you placed a custom options on a lord, when you edited the custom options you'd simply have the player and the wizard lord automatically occupy 2 of the slots. From here, you'd be able to add other things such as; other wizards, objectives, stacked taboos,etc. This would greatly enhance the possibilities in realm mode, though would take a bit of work adding a GUI to acknowledge special objectives on the realms overworld map (similar how you can glance at a lord's name, staff, reinforcements)
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Sat Aug 12, 2017 9:22 pm

  • ideas to tweak 'survive to end' objective :

    1)survive to end--------> *blank*
    Player has to survive to end
    2)survive to end --------> Protect
    Player has to ensure all team members with 1) survive to end.
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