Demi god doesn't have to be involved in custom game!

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  • and that's great!

    I like the idea of being able to setup a challenge for players and go off and do other things while they fight.
    What would be cool is after a set a game up, i can leave it and get a notification when the game room fills up, so i can simply start it and be on my way.

    Just so i can moderate it to not be 2 friends cheesing the game and farming rewards.

    That said, you might want to provide some daily limit to challenges so that you can avoid farming...removing rematch might be a good idea for it to.
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  • It'd be even better if the custom challenges of demigods and gods would auto-start once all participants were ready. And better than that, they didn't require the demigods and gods to be online to be available. Though if they were persistent like that, then there'd need to be a cap, and perhaps also it would remember the last settings (unless reset) so that similar challenges can be iterated.

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  • Yeah, for live games at least it really needs something where the game creator doesn't need to be present.

    Players joining a lobby and then 'waiting' on the off chance that a demi-god will maybe turn up and start the game off isn't going to happen.

    For asycnh, I think it can be a different story, speaking of which, we could do with being able to setup asynch custom games too.

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  • SpiteAndMalice wrote:we could do with being able to setup asynch custom games too.

    Aye, I'm pretty baffled why the custom game stuff only applies to live games.
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  • Agreed, it doesn't make that much sense considering that the GUI for objectives are clearly in place for player's reference, and taboos are always implied.

    I suppose they might be a way to draw in live action, but i don't think it's worth restricting async players the enjoyment.
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