Citadel mechanic: Cast Taboo

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Citadel mechanic: Cast Taboo

Post by anjovi » Fri Aug 11, 2017 11:04 pm

So I've been thinking about a game mechanic for realms mode strategic layer, that could create a more dynamic strategy layer that fits with the battle system of chaos reborn
Along with reinforcements, have Citadels 'Cast Taboos'. Depending on the loadout configuration of the lord, have the lord on a citadel cast a taboo that only impacts the player (similar to how you can place taboos on a single player)
In order to remove the taboo from a wizard lord, players can do the following:

-Defeat the specific wizard lord that casted the taboo
-Cast a "Banish Taboo" Meta Spell

This gives more strategic implications for the simple choice of which wizard Lord to tackle next, and adds more weight to the strategic locations.
This also improves difficulty in a way that fits with the mechanics of chaos battles

For example: Reinforcements in a way conflict with the dynamic of the battle system (Where the board starts with only wizards and gradually fills with armies and growths), While taboos only restrict the tools a player has.
The main concern for balance would be making sure taboos are associated to particular wizard lord staff/armor types in a way that is meaningful for example: making sure the taboo doesn't just un-dilute the deck in a way that is either trivial or even gives the player an advantage.

Otherwise, GUI input would be minimal as you'd simply just have to add the following:
1)Taboo space on affected wizard lords (perhaps red font to indicate that they only impact you) as well as perhaps a name of the citadel wizard that cast the taboo so the player knows were to go if they want to banish the taboo.
It would effectively impact the RNG/Replayability aspect of realms in the same way that reinforcments do.

Suppose another cool aspect this could effect is mercs/talismans in town. Giving players a subtle but important factor to consider when purchasing talismans and mercs, if wizards happen to have a specific taboo.