Todays update to Chaos Reborn

Discussion and questions about the latest version of Chaos Reborn. Not for bugs, but for comments about the game play.
Thu Aug 17, 2017 4:21 pm

  • The following fixes have been applied:
    Air Elemental animation has been reworked to prevent the crashing some users were experiencing since we upgraded to Unity 5.x
    The meteor shower spell now ends correctly, instead of persisting for several turns
    ESC now cancels, rather than confirms various popups
    When invited to a custom game, you now appear in the lobby room and on the wizard-slot-row correctly
    Duel and guild rankings are now updated whenever the tickboxes are changed
    Only realm admins (so, not moderators) can see rejected realms now
    When coming online, notifications (especially invites to custom asynch games) appear correctly, instead of offscreen
    Duel-rankings are now sub-sorted by games won, then games played, to resolve tied scores.
    Only the top 10 players in duels get medals
    In law mode, multiple Icarus tower attacks now stack correctly, instead of resulting in negative health but no death
    When the Duel rankings season rolls over to the next week, scores now start at 0, not 1200
    Combined battle rankings (e.g., for duel scoreboard) now display the correct rank number
    Localization of "Not your turn" warning is now correct on talisman activation popup
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