Consolidate ranked 1v1 (and maybe add ranked 2v2)

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  • Two players could be in queues looking for ranked 1v1 matches, but one is in the Duel queue and the other in the League queue, unable to pair off. Also, absent active coordination, I've never experienced a live 3FFA or 4FFA League match. So, now that Duels have competitive rankings and medals just like the League, perhaps we can do something like the following:

    • Consolidate all 1v1 matches in Duel. This will lead to more 1v1 ranked matches by consolidating the queues, likely increase the amount of ranked 3FFA/4FFA gameplay, and resolve the ELO advantage that 3FFA/4FFA has over 1v1.

    • Replace League 1v1s with 2v2 (optional). If the matchmaker prioritizes putting guild members on the same team, ranked 2v2 would increase the relevance to guilds and allow for meaningful coop gameplay that all can enjoy.
    The devil is in the details, of course. But in broad strokes, there is much good that can come with consolidating 1v1s now that both Duel and League matches are ranked with medals.

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  • Sounds like a pretty solid idea, keeping the incentive for players to improve their own ELO even when the only available opponents are guild members.

    The idea of slotting guild members as team members for 2v2 games is also great!

    To me it's a shame that all of the ranked stuff is so split up. I'd personally try to just keep the ranks for Chaos & Law & Chaos Classic, and have all of the Duel, 1v1, 2v2, 1v1v1, 2 min timer, 1 min timer, async, live umbrella'd underneath them.

    It seems that duel mode keeps players from the 1v1 league matchmaker...small incentive for the latter given the former.

    Classic Law mode should just be wiped off the menu and kept as a custom game option seeing as it doesn't attract any players.

    Custom game challenges could perhaps only relate to guild stuff. A reward for inviting an opposing guild could be gaining/losing rank from/to them. You could bait opposing guilds by making the challenge stacked against them, but giving them a bigger reward (which could be gaining, losing guild rank points or whatever)

    I see alot that could be done with ranks to just package it for the entire player base.
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  • Good ideas
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  • If you're consolidating 1v1 league games into Duels you would need to add Classic game modes and also the option to play games in Asynch. As these options are currently unavailable in Duel the full player base doesn't currently play that game mode, whereas these options are available within league play.

    I'd also suggest increasing the time limit for games as a 90 second timer if off putting to anyone whose nature is for deep thinking over quick.

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  • Some form of team competition would be lovely.

    Overall, I think my preference would be to see competitions ordered by player number rather than game type.

    Each could have its own competition, I don't think it overly matters whether players are playing Classic Chaos or Equipped Law - The competition is essentially the same either way. With the current system, people tend towards playing 1:1 all the time because it's the quickest way to move up in rankings, but this way you'd have all players on a level playing field and I think player would be joining each queue to try find matches.

    It'd also allow some variation in competition length depending upon the preferred match type.

    Duels - Weekly
    3 player - Fortnightly
    4 player - Monthly (Starting on the 1st)
    2v2 - Monthly (Starting on the 15th)
    5 player - 3 Monthly (Starting months 1, 4, 7, 10)
    6 player - 3 Monthly (Starting months 2, 5, 8, 11)
    3v3 - 3 Monthly (Starting months 3, 6, 9, 12)

    That way you've always got something interesting running throughout the month and year. (At the moment I never take part in leagues because it never happens that I have a month from the 1st to 30th where I know that I'll be able to complete asynch games, there's always at least one weekend where I know that I'll time out in everything, and so I don't join in the first place).

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  • Yes, that, I found this idea of Worries as quite successful :D
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