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  • From June 2014....
    Julian Gollop @ viewtopic.php?f=6&t=428&hilit=titles&start=10 wrote:I like the idea of titles that can be earned as rewards for things in the game. It's also nice that a king, or above, can choose a title that can be used by a wizard who defeats him/her.

    With the advent of Demigod/God custom matches, the time for custom rewards may be upon us. More players will engage in competitive gameplay for vanity swag than for modest forge crystal or gold rewards. So let's do it.

    The original idea to which Julian was responding was more in the context of winning Realms. However, as a way to stimulate social gameplay, custom rewards may work even better in custom matches and, if any, custom tournaments.

    The general concept is more important than any particular means and methods at this point. That said, I suspect it's more likely to happen the closer the means and methods conform to existing features. With that in mind, some thoughts:

    • Rewards could use the current medal system. though provide new categories for wizard profiles.
    • If a medal, hovering a cursor over the medal could give the name of the wizard from whom it was won.
    • New medal categories could be for Realms, Demi/God Custom Matches, and (if any) Custom Tournaments.
    • To prevent reward spam, rewards could be like achievements to be earned once from a King/Demi/God per category.
    • If a reward can be won more than once, perhaps have it be a "king-of-the-hill" award for who won it last.
    • Perhaps those offering custom rewards might be able to customize the look of their medals, at least as to color.
    Again, there are many different ways to implement a custom reward concept. I'm just trying to keep ideas as simple as possible for right now to improve the possibility of their implementation given limited development resources.

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  • I have long said Realm Designers should be able to create custom awards whether that be magical artifacts, medals, objects or titles so there is no need to persuade me on this idea for Guilds as I already own the t-shirt and have had it wall mounted in a gold framed handmade case by master craftsmen flown into a purpose built facility with ample parking and an onsite Greggs. :)

    Implemented as collectables such awards could help solve CR's player retention problem.

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  • King of the hill style adornments sounds could.
    temporary medals for realms: gold, silver, bronze for placing 1st, 2nd and 3rd. Get peeled away from you as soon as someone else takes those spots.
    Special medals from getting 3 or more ELO medals in a row: self explanatory
    Special medals from hitting guild landmarks: say a guild reaches an amount of followers or they collectively acheive something, they get a permanent medal, which can give an all around persistent guild reward. This can be offered up as a reward to reel other guilds into battling against them.
    Perhaps have a slew of rewards hidden within the game to be discovered by the player base, and once in circulation, have them as adornments that can be passed among guilds. Can be anything from snapshot placing them in random chests in realms or beating a random lord in duel mode, or a chest that appears in a custom game thats specifically setup between opposing guilds.
    Just little nifty gifts that are hidden in the various game modes, that reward players for interacting with them.

    Adornments could be 'epic' gear pieces, that they can choose to plop on their wizard (instead of just having medals, but can have both) if your creative, you could have sets of gear that gives top players something to fight for (completing a set of epic gear that doesn't exist in the forge options)

    just random thoughts
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  • I like the idea overall of player receiving rewards for custom matches - For too long, whilst this match format has been the most creative and enjoyable area of the game, its offered far too little to those who engage with it. Being able to provide some gold etc via demi-god created custom matches is a good change, but I agree that the provision of cosmetic rewards and trophies is probably a more effective way of retaining players in game than just in game rewards which there's already a glut of.

    NoWorries wrote:[*]If a reward can be won more than once, perhaps have it be a "king-of-the-hill" award for who won it last.

    I think a better way of doing this is in some cases is to allow multiple iterations of the same reward.

    Certainly, if the tournament is king of the hill style, you then want a reward that transfers from play to play (or guild to guild).

    But in the case where it's a competition that simply repeats, I think it's better to give a reward in the form of a trophy, and to then allow the winner of that competition to retain that trophy - Provide players with a 'Trophy cabinet screen' which would list all the competitions that they've won/realms conquered/challenges completed and then do things in one of two ways:

    - For each trophy won, either list the date (season number/competition iteration) in which that trophy was won. This could be next to the trophy,

    Prize Shelf 1.png

    or on a mouse hover-over.

    prize shelf 2.png
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    - For each trophy won more than once, add a number to the trophy icon which shows how many times a particular player has won that particular trophy.

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