Law Mode killed Realm Stats

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Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:41 pm

  • I have been going on about how bust realm scoring is for so long now I have bored myself listening to me.

    Law mode does make a mockery or not only realm score but realm level

    The other thing that does is getting more points for when there is an invader. Invaders are a random factor that should not contribute to the score. Firstly there is the whole you are getting rewarded twice, both with score and with karma, it should just be the karma boost. Secondly you can get a lot of invaders quitting and of course, it can be abused by the invader joining and resigning. And there is also how a player can not only merc up but also start the fight with village support so the invader is so out numbered that they stand no chance of winning.

    OK i am boring myself again so yeah, realm score..... needs fixing
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Mon Sep 18, 2017 8:22 pm

  • Personally I don't overly care about realm scores one way or another - For the simple reason that I don't 'buy in' to the idea that a realm should be completed quickly rather than explored.

    But for yourself and any other players that do care about them I do totally feel your frustration with the situation of Law Mode scores being pooled in with Chaos Mode. Unfortunately I think this kind of thing and the feeling that it can generate amongst a player base is something that snapshot tend to either underestimate, or maybe just miss completely.

    With hindsight It's obvious that introducing a second game mode that plays differently to the first requires a second scoring table, but hey that's why hindsight is such a wonderful thing and in any development process, with the hurry to introduce new features, things get missed. But when players are seeing the problem and feeding it back, only to then be hit with a wall of silence, and the situation gets left like that for months on end, it's things like this that cause people to leave the game.

    The frustration for me is that within its core mechanics Chaos is such a great game, but there's little areas in the systems that surround the core game which just jar in contrast by how badly they've been done sometimes, little things which quite often it feels like there's a very easy and simple fix for (I'm looking at you reduced size duel maps and loss of randomised player starting order) but communication with the playerbase, is at times, possibly the weakest of them.

    EDIT - It's well worth saying that the exception here imho is Rafi, who goes out of his way to help in the areas where he is able to make changes. Even just hearing that a bug has been spotted and is 'on the list' can mean a big deal to whoever has reported it.

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