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Fri Sep 01, 2017 10:10 am

  • I love the fact that we've not got a bit more control over live custom match setups.

    Please could we get the same functionality for asynch custom games? I think this feature would see a lot more usage there.

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Fri Sep 01, 2017 4:12 pm

  • Yes, I reckon it might get more usage there to. I guess the question that needs to be asked here is..

    Does the custom mode stuff only exist in live lobbies because it wasn't possible to implement it into async lobbies? or, was it a conscious design decision to exclude it from async (perhaps to try to promote live only?).

    I haven't checked out how it all works yet so perhaps there's an obvious reason why it's specific to live games only. If however it's a design decision, all that does is exclude the long-term player-base in an attempt to appeal to a short-term player-base..

    ..similar to what happened with 1v1 chaos, re-focusing the format to be about quick games on novelty sized maps in an attempt to promote live action just sidelined the players who specialized in 1v1 only.

    As for custom modes as a concept, there may have been a missed opportunity here to consult the player-base over what would have worked for this. There are many unofficial Chaos variants (with simple custom rules) that players are aware of which could have made ideal custom modes.
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