Have guilds with no player leader (use game lore)

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  • Farious wrote:For people to be interested in something it has to be interesting. Guilds currently are not as they are merely a different way of categorising information at present which most Players have no psychological bond with and an award mechanism may help but most Players are simply not going to be interested in fighting for Players they do not know in some depth.

    Guilds do lack features, and more of these will help.

    But you're hitting the nail on the head in saying that players are not going to be interested in fighting for players that they do not know.

    They'll be less interested in fighting for automatic membership guilds based on lore that they're also not interested in. Or will you 'make' them read that too?

    The onus is on guild leaders to become known by the players that they wish to have fighting for them... (If that's what a guild's focus is on)

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  • As guilds are now, this idea doesn't make as much sense...Though if guilds are ever given added functionality, having AI or snapshot ran guilds that players can opt into without invites, it might make more sense. Some things that could be cool are:

    -AI guild demigods that create custom challenges, which are persistent until played (because human guild leaders won't have to waste their time waiting for players to join)

    Only one i can think of off the top, though just depending on how guilds changed in the future, it might make more sense. Even if they just end up being glorified place holder guilds. Just adds a bit more flavor to the game. Ideas like having guild rankings showing up in that Main menu splash screen (which shows the phoenix point funded!, localization next update, and discord news) could be neato seeing art from the game and happenings of guilds, orders, etc.

    But yeah, i can see it not being viable in the wrong context.
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