Realm Score Revamp (Variables)

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Re: Realm Score Revamp (Variables)

Post by anjovi » Mon Sep 18, 2017 12:41 am

Regarding cosmetics:

I'd honestly just prefer a player profile, were i could write a blurb detailing all of my chaosy stuffs.
Say if i'm anjovi and like to make realms as well as have a little thematic guild:

(Profile Name) (Guild Name)
"Hi i'm anjovi! I've started the ANU guild and have made a bunch of realms.
Now what i'd like you guys to know is that my realms have specific gameplay
features that attempt to challenge you in varying ways, such as:
-Coop realm series: My attempt at making challenging realms for those
who like to tag team with a friend, but find realms to be too easy.
-Ahnaahn-Gnomar: My attempt at playing with the realm tools and making
more a dynamic strategic game with the given tools, check em out!"

or if your matty, who likes to stream on twitch, you can plug that. If your farious and do realm moderation, you can plug your steam handle for those who want a bit more back and forth as far as developing the realm and improving it.

Otherwise, the profiles i think would carry alot of weight in regards to informing players of guilds,tournaments, and whatever nifty things that community members do. Being that we have queues for matches, players could even read some if they wanted to.

For realm rewards....i think the highscore should speak for itself. If you carried the staff of Magananana to the west ridge of palsnor and awoke the power of it....A blurb in the encounter outcome and the "GAINED +125 Realm Score points" would do the job plenty I think.