starting second 42 games in a row

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Thu Oct 19, 2017 7:07 pm

  • i just had a streak where i started as second in 42 games (i can proof this if needed)

    1v1 3ways and 4ways all modes async no difference
    apparently it seems that who ever queues first gets to go first
    this is a bit ridiculous, shouldnt this be random? and if it is surely it isnt working

    and please give us bigger maps in 1v1 to combat this disadvantage in the first place
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  • well im not (just) trying to vent frustration (only a little bit :) )
    but this seems to me a serious issue, and a funny one at the same time:
    everything is rng in this game but the thing that actually should be isnt ;)

    Mazy wrote:Agreed, we just need the original 1v1 maps restored. The 1v1 map reductions are among the worst game changes that occurred post EA.

    tbh i really dont mind the odd small map here and there but not 90% of the map pool
    it results in boring rush games one after another
    This not only favors who ever starts but it also hurts slow builds like battle mages and alignment heavy setups etc

    my ideal map pool would be a variation of different sizes small medium and semi large for 1v1 up to huge for 4+ways
    because even the large team maps are pretty small sometimes and u cant prevent from getting crystal walled @turn 2 from both neighbors.
    So it is not just the 1v1 map pool but in general i wouldnt mind bigger maps/ more variation

    edit: im at 46 now
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Fri Oct 20, 2017 10:21 am

  • I've been queuing for tens of games at a time and often wait for games to finally start up. I definitely noticed I was starting first often. Being specific as to how many players also backs up the queue process I bet.

    That is an advantage in Chaos and often a disadvantage in Law.

    Randomized starting order is a big deal and I didn't realize it was lacking. I don't play 1v1 often in league, but going first isn't as impactful in 3's or 4's.
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Fri Oct 20, 2017 10:34 am

  • I'd suspect that random starting order was taken out in order to accommodate customised match lobbies. The only reason I think this is because random starting order disappeared when custom lobbies were implemented. Why you can't have both together I really don't know - Surely you just randomise the turn order at the point where the match is about to start?

    The small maps took a lot of fun out of what there was in 1v1 games for me. The only logic I can see in this is that snapshot believe that people prefer to play a faster paced game. Everything else that they pushed at the time is in that direction; duel is 2 player, turn time are what 60 or 90 seconds (I don't know because I don't have any interest in playing something which is that quick). I think it all stems from the statement that used to be on steam which was something like 'fast paced turn based combat.' I think they were trying to appeal to the casual audience, and wanted players to experience quick action packed games of 5 or 6 turns... but then they made a game that lasts for about 20 turns and put a really deep strategic layer into the game which can only be fully appreciated if you're playing the game on a bigger map and playing it slowly.... so who knows.

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  • worst part being
    with only 3-4 ppl playing the ranks, they are holding the queue list hostage by queue-ing 50 games and as soon as they finish one they queue again.
    This wasnt much of a problem with enough ppl playing but now its making it impossible for any newcomer to get first in the queue (coz he will immediately join 1 of the zillion games as second player)
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