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Label realm difficulty by game mode.

Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 8:19 am
by SpiteAndMalice
People generally recognise that completing a realm in Law Mode is easier than completing that same realm in Chaos Mode. (Hence the complaints about the combined score table being unfair).

I wonder whether this difference in difficulty causing controvosy, it could instead be made active use of as a way to increase the replayability of realms.

At present, we've got a difficulty scale between realms, but not within them. For a player, after thy've beaten a realm once, they have little reason to go back. But if we make use of the already available options to select Law or Chaos Mode we could just brand them slightly differently, and in doing so incentivise the player to go back for a 2nd run.

You could do this by simply changing the text that the player sees when entering reams; ask them whether they'd prefer to play in:

Law Mode (Easy) or Chaos Mode (Normal)

Re: Label realm difficulty by game mode.

Posted: Fri Oct 27, 2017 10:21 pm
by anjovi
distinguishing law and chaos as easy and normal might be a little too much, though i agree that their should be a score chart for each mode. Just as you do with league, duel, etc.

Although, I think alot could be done to enhance the realm and scoring dynamic. This would be a great touch to accompany them.Ideas like:
-that whole spiel i laid down about how score could be better incorporated into the game mechanics to create a more strategy gameplay experience. (amount of villages you recruit, bonus points for encounter rewards, villagers you let die, influence you gain, taking out the invader bonus, etc.)
-Reworking moderation a bit to accomodate the tweaking of realms post release (typos, glaring oversights, naming troops from the older batch of realms, etc.)

Other then patching up the scoring system, and adding some stacked taboo/objective options (as in custom games), i think the realm game could be pretty solid!

Re: Label realm difficulty by game mode.

Posted: Wed Nov 01, 2017 7:24 pm
by Stitchy
im going to be overly critical here and say that realms in general are seriously underwhelming, and this is the main reason this game hasnt done as well as it could have. ie the single player experience is usually the main appeal for a game like this.

Atm getting a good score involves scouting the realm first and then maximize your winning chances by using mercs and the shortest route possible.The whole concept of using days as score is seriously flawed.

In my ideal world realms should not be about scoring per se (although they can be).
The idea of exploring and gearing up is what appeals most people in rpg like games and that is poorly executed in current realm play.
To cut things short:
- rework itemization inside realms (taboos and shops arent doing it), boss drops and crafting come to mind. Maybe start naked or with a default deck.
- make other obstacles/objectives than just days because its not only boring it isnt even working as you can scout the realm.
- make quest notes accessible after u get encounters so you can read back what u need to do.
- invent other game modes than just defeat wizard x (escort or survive x turns for instance)
- make exploring a realm worthwhile (and not something that is discouraged by time restraints) in this case make realms even bigger so u can spend weeks in it growing from a tiny adept to a titanic wizard that spells doom over the realm denizens
- to extend on this: why do realms need to end? i can imagine realms where fights for control go back and forth endlessly
- scatter resources needed for craftable consumable items (lords of chaos style) like potions to travel faster or fly over chasms etc

just to name a few points

and THEN we can start talking about difficulty

Re: Label realm difficulty by game mode.

Posted: Fri Nov 03, 2017 7:50 am
by SpiteAndMalice
Nice ideas Stitchy, I think realms would be a lot more enjoyable with some of those implemented - Unfortunately I think we'd be very lucky to see that level of development at this stage. :-(

Building upon your 'naked' realm thread.

Playing realms in Naked mode and/or Classic mode could be considered 'Difficult' and 'Ironman'