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Boons of the Gods?

Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 2:11 pm
by Glas Masv
I'm not sure if this segment of navel gazing :? has been illustrated, but what would make great boons for the God-ranked players to bestow on guilds in return for their worship, fealty, or simply to get them to listen to an ideology :?:

I'm going to put out that a boon shouldn't affect the play of the game, yet bestow an appealing gift to earn a guild's worship.

My idea is that we have a new symbol that is included in the Player's Info acting similar to a Passive effect talisman. God Boon. Cosmetic changes I would think. There could be an empty place for a boon symbol to attach to. New players will notice there are guilds and that guilds are good idea to join.

"No Fear" - your units no longer shake when next to stronger units.

"Helping Hand" passive boon. When you successfully defend against an air elemental who would otherwise send your wizard over the edge a ethereal hand appears to catch and push the wizard back onto his hex. No change in game-play, but boon creates a new exciting scene for a particularly nail-biting situation.

How should we represent Gods receiving something in return? Gods have a competition between themselves; their own mini-game. Guilds whose members complete realms, duels, league generate Divinity points or whatever. Quite simply, the gods whose members are active not only can help their guild out in duel competition and league, but help out their chosen deity in return. Also, I think completing realms should be rewarded in this way so that players who focus on realms aren't left out. Worship Points reset every 3 months and the ranking of worship points is the totem pole of our player pantheon. And that's the only reward Gods get - pride and opportunity to play in their own mini-competition far far above the comprehension of even Demi-Gods. :mrgreen:

What do you think?

Re: Boons of the Gods?

Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 5:31 pm
by SpiteAndMalice
Cosmetics is the way to go imho. I certainly prefer that to ingame advantages being bestowed to players based on whether they worship a god or not.

Some new wizard skins could be cool - maybe in the vein of wolf gear, but with each guild's member being able to forge a new set based on the theme of that guild.

'Helping hand' that would be the Ceph's perk certainly, though I prefer the image of several 'helping hands' over just the one ;-)

Re: Boons of the Gods?

Posted: Mon Nov 27, 2017 8:35 pm
by NoWorries
Worthwhile discussion. Because of where the game is in post-release development, however, I think our best hope of improvements may be to consider (a) what might be achievable with a minimal budget such as some time of one programmer and (b) what might have positive impact for the community of players who engage with related gameplay.

Some ideas for purposes of example:
  • Allow full Gods to be selectable just like Wizard Lords for customizable encounters in Realms. As an example, this would open up player-created shrine events even if shrine locations are never fully implemented.
  • Link guilds and their competitions to PvE Realms gameplay consistent with the original vision. See here.
  • Increase visibility of guilds with guild info on wizard profiles and/or public in-game guild profiles. See here.
  • Allow full Gods to have more in-game substance such as a custom text box for their wizard profile.
  • Make wizard profiles more accessible wherever names show, including in competition rankings.
  • Per original vision, allow Demigods to join a God's guild or otherwise declare affiliation. See A Modest Proposal.
  • Otherwise incrementally improve and make more public all PvP/PvE aspects of guild competitions.
  • Give actual profile-recorded medals for everything, including all individual, demigod-guild, and god-guild rankings, so players can earn more shiney stuff for their wizard profiles.
We can quibble on each point and add others. But basically, some slight or incremental improvements or additions in a number of existing areas could go a long way toward promoting more diverse and sustainable engagement in a lot of different areas that are or could be connected to gods in ways that ultimately encourage more PvP and PvE gameplay.

Re: Boons of the Gods?

Posted: Wed Nov 29, 2017 1:14 am
by Glas Masv
I agree with what Baldr stated if we aren't talking navel-gazing, but something actionable by a single programmer who has spare time.