Does height affect agility/engagement?

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  • I seem to recall it was once mentioned that terrain height is factored in to agility/engagement rolls i.e, units confer an agility bonus/penalty based on their relative heights ..this may occur because the calculation involved uses the same or similar equation as the attack% formula - which uses height as a modifier.

    I operate under the assumption that height does play a part in the engagement rolls (it seems plausible and is a really cool mechanic) but it is hard to know for sure.

    ..If height does in fact play a part in engagement, is it mentioned anywhere in the game guide? (if it isn't, perhaps it should be?).

    Edit - I just remembered that I did test this in law mode and height was not factored in (hence my confusion on the subject), the game was only looking at what the base agility stats were for each unit..

    ..If you engaged 2 units with the same agility the one with the terrain height advantage did not pin down the lower unit, they were considered to have equal stats.

    So perhaps it works slightly different in law mode? (or perhaps there's been an oversight)..or perhaps height advantage in engagement is not a thing in either mode?
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  • Engagement is purely due to the sum of the adjacent enemies' Agility.
    Law mode: If yours is greater, no engagement, else engagement.
    Chaos Mode: The usual roll vs Agility / (Agility + enemySum)
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  • It's still kind of a mystery though.. it was definitely stated in the past that the coding was, either accidentally or perhaps even intentionally, factoring in terrain height into the agility/engagement rolls.. I really liked the idea of this kind of hidden agility modifier being in play.

    Terrain height conferring a bonus/penalty for agility does make sense (just like terrain height conferring an att/def bonus/penalty makes sense), it's interesting tactically.. I get that terrain height does not actually play a part in engagement as of right now..

    ..but my question is, did terrain height ever affect agility/engagement? (in chaos mode, either as an intentional mechanic or unintentional mechanic) ..Or was it never a thing?

    ..But if it was a thing, was it fixed because it was a 'bug'? ..Or was it altered when it was noticed that law mode did not use the same modifier in its engagement calculation? (now both modes only look at the base agility number regardless of terrain height)
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  • yes, i'm with you, thought an increase in height inferred an advantage of some kind regarding engagement, believe it used to be in the in-game guide or somesuch. Of course, I have trouble deciphering dreams from reality, so...
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  • Don't make me post the source... ;)
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  • Since Agility isn't nerfed by chance in Law Mode that makes Agility buff talismans and Shadoron more useful. Shadoron and Celeris combo is fun too.
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