Meta-Analysis in League

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Meta-Analysis in League

Post by Glas Masv » Mon Jan 15, 2018 2:39 pm

I'm reposting this from my guild thread for the sake of pointing out a meta-strategy for wizards who break into Archmage with a high rating. It's a disincentive to qeueing for more than ten games at a time if you are on a win streak and nearing Archmage rating.Shameless bragging has nothing to do with this repost.

"I took an unannounced break and I am now returning invigorated. I was very pleased to secure the Gold Medal for Equipped Chaos. That has been one of my prime goals since I started playing. I won't brag without conceding that I did not have to face the usual daunting diet of Baldr & Incarnadine among a few others.

***I also used a strategy of not queuing once I saw my win streak and projected archmage status. I managed to hold even with the remaining games to keep a higher rating than if I had kept queuing for matches. I would say also that 3's and 4's are the only formats worth risking a loss for. The danger in ceasing queing is that a competitor overtakes the lead and now there isn't time to complete matches. Cutting off queuing for new matches is best if your rating is quite high. Rafi Romero won in November with around 1350 rating. When I saw mine was above 1500 I felt comfortable no longer queuing, aiming for evening out the remaining win/loss and prefering draws over risk.*** Meta ftw :mrgreen:"
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