Intro-Strategy Reverie: Equipped Chaos

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Intro-Strategy Reverie: Equipped Chaos

Post by Glas Masv » Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:45 pm

This is an Introductory Strategy & Tactics Overview I posted in Hegemony's Steam Group. It isn't syllogistically organized in favor of free association.

Strategy in League: Equipped Chaos can be seen as a spectrum between empowering the wizard on one end and relying on summoned units on the other end. Hybrid builds sometimes attempt both extremes via a transmutation talisman. In Chaos Mode the unit to hit first has an advantage and multiple attacks are often better than a single strong attack. The drawback for Combat wizards is that close combat puts the wizard in harms way. In general, strategies relying on summoned units as win conditions are superior. Danger increases with proximity to other wizards. Assume your plan is going to fail. Reconsider a moving making you vulnerable to Physical Attack, Magic Bolt, Gooey Blob, Crystal Wall, or the summoning of a unit adjacent to you. Unless the board position is poor then don't take unnecessary risks that end the game. If you have a 90% chance to win, but would put yourself in a position to lose if the spell fails to cast AND you would likely win without taking that 90% chance THEN it really is just giving your opponent a 10% chance to win. Knowing when to boost spells is difficult, but certainly do so if failing to cast a spell could end the game. Builds that focus on cheap mega spells are less able to boost spells when they need to. Any one time you boost a spell it may fizzle. I recommend a consistent strategy to boosting so that the added casting chance pays off over time.

Every talisman will contribute to winning and losing games because of opportunity cost and/or opponent counters. In Chaos Mode every build will find its natural nemesis if it is played enough. Buff talismans are wasted if you're creatures aren't covered or you don't have creatures. Transmutation talismans are wasted around 20-30% of games because they depend on growth spells and they will fail between 1 in 5 and ~1 in 3 times. The same Growth spell can fail 3 games in a row thereby wasting two binded talismans. The aforementioned scenario will happen and is likely to happen if you play enough and instead of seeing it as bad luck understand that this scenario comes with the strategy employed. Transmutation talismans mean that Heroic Bodygear won't have a Sorcery Talisman and Arcane Bodygear won't have a Heroic Talisman. The luck in the game is determined by the Stat and Talisman inputs decided on by the players before the game and wizards' choices to take chances.

Statistically luck doesn't exist, however, there is something to bear in mind about statistics. In a small set the variance is larger than a large set. If you play 15 League games you may see a string of better or worse luck affecting your win-rate. If you play 40 League games then the variance is less and your skill is more likely to be reflected in the win-rate. If you play enough you can count on a Giant Rat killing a Hydra on higher ground, etc. This goes back to why units on the attack simply have an advantage even when the chance of succeeding with an attack is low.

It is important not to summon units where they can be attacked next turn or placing units within attack range of opposing units or wizards if possible. The advantage of first strike is compounded by Speed 3+ movement or Ranged attack. It's helpful for units to not be next to opposing units on the opponent's turn. The difference is killing your unit and then moving on to threaten another unit or moving to kill your unit, killing it, and NOT then being able to threaten another unit. Higher ground is such an advantage that I try to avoid placing units next to higher ground whenever I can. Sometimes withdrawing and giving up board position is better than attacking into well positioned opposing units.

What you can cast is determined by what cards you can see which is why the # of Cards in Hand input is important. A hand count of 8 might only have mid-low casting chance cards which can either limit early game or place an elite unit that will be targeted by magic attacks, etc. A hand size of 10-12 cards will generally create early-game choices and can mean binded spells can be reached without having to burn cards to find them. A larger hand mitigates successful magic attacks. A larger hand can mimic the benefits of Bind to Hand talisman and Staff-Aligned Cards in Starting Hand talisman.

Never give up. A draw is preferable to a loss in regards to league rating or preventing a lost star. Unlikely comebacks WILL occur if you keep a cool head and make moves to give yourself chances rather than flail with feeble attacks leading to your check-mate on the opponent's turn. Undead do not have a ranged damaging attack unless Raise Dead is used on a ranged attack grave. Simply having Wind-walker and jumping onto an island can be enough to stymie an Undead wave. If nothing else prolonging a losing game increases the chance that your opponent will exceed the time limit on their turn resulting in your victory.

Keep in mind that with the inputs and starting hand you have at the start of a game it is possible that someone with a different playstyle or more experience could have won where you instead lost. You'll never how much bad luck in a game is compounded by lack of skill. After every battle watch the game for critical choices and moves. Statistically, the top rated player probably loses at least 1 in 3 times and most lose far more often in 3-player and 4-player Equipped Chaos. If your top win condition is Magic Bolt realize that it will fail between 1 in 4 and almost 1 in 3 times. Since missing Magic Bolt often leaves wizards in a vulnerable position let's assume you lose if you miss. That means there is a limit to how many games you can win employing Magic Bolt. The win-limit in a build that wins mostly with Magic Bolt is determined by your Magic Power vs. the opponent's Defense. You'll have 3 different predictable limits to how often you can win depending on the 3 different bodygear. On the other hand, there is no such limit on using summoned units as win conditions because when they miss they might die, but not you. Review your win conditions when you rewind the tape. Remember Chaos Mode is about win-rate. The best advice I've seen is posted in a Steam Chaos Reborn community tip sheet :arrow: Don't be discouraged by bad rolls. Improvement in skill and evolution of personal playstyle affect manipulation of variance resulting in 'better luck' and more victories. :)
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