Custom Objectives, Taboos & Rewards flaw

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Custom Objectives, Taboos & Rewards flaw

Post by Grythandril » Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:30 am

Since becoming a Demigod I now have the opportunity to test the custom Objectives, Taboos & Rewards games

I will try to go through each one and record what works and what does not in terms of the Objectives.

The taboos and the rewards work fine.


I have noticed when testing against the AI and beating it you gain the rewards of either Gold or Crystals

But what is alarming about this is you can farm these crystals and gold indefinitely by beating just one AI

surely against the AI that reward option should NOT be given.

What is everyone thoughts on this?
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Re: Custom Objectives, Taboos & Rewards flaw

Post by Mazy » Sun Feb 18, 2018 2:32 pm

I think it's ok, you still have to play the AI and beat it to get the rewards. It incentivizes playing more in general. It's not much different from playing one off realm battles.

There may even be measures in place to not reward surrenders (I'm not sure though), just in case someone sets up a custom game as pvp and tries to surrender the reward in one turn..

..Even if this potential exploit wasn't patched it's very minor (in terms of the player-base size), you can't farm xp that way and if someone did farm gold/crystals all it gives them is some $$$ to spend on a forge, a new staff isn't gonna give them any advantages or make them a better player. This 'exploit' probably wouldn't have any major negative effects even if there was a large player-base/competitive scene.

My thoughts on custom game lobbies is there was a missed opportunity to make some interesting custom game modes, like actual Chaos variants (modes which subvert the games mechanics in various ways, much like how law mode is a Chaos variant).

The implementation of custom games could have been the perfect opportunity to tidy up the way the game is presented by making law mode a custom game mode (a Chaos variant) rather than a whole new game which stands alongside the base game and competes with it. Chaos had already been cut in half by dividing it into classic/equipped it didn't need another split. The game's identity is very confused now to say the least and suffers as a consequence.

I feel the current custom lobby UI is a bit confusing, over complex perhaps. The win conditions could have been thought through a bit more, I'm not sure the existing customizable conditions make for interesting games.

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Re: Custom Objectives, Taboos & Rewards flaw

Post by anjovi » Sun Feb 18, 2018 4:00 pm

I agree. The variables presented don't really make for interesting variants....although....

If there was a way to:
-stack objectives like you could taboos (from the different categories)
-add traits like 'use traits' (bulldoze, paralyze, leech, retaliate, mount, fast creature, undead, melee, ranged, etc.)
-Add options for Async mode

You'd be golden!