Post turmoil UI issues

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Post turmoil UI issues

Post by Mazy » Thu Oct 27, 2016 9:56 pm

Very difficult to describe this issue, but basically it seems harder to select the wizards on the board after a turmoil has been cast, almost as if the point where you need to click on them is 'off-center'.

I know there is, or was, some kind of glitch that occurs when a wizard turmoils from inside a tree (and perhaps while mounted to), I think this issue is related to that.

On the turn after the turmoil is cast it just seems difficult to click on some units, most notably the wizards.

There even seems to be some attack animation issues immediately after the turmoil.. a direct melee attack on the turmoiled wizard can appear to strike the hex next to them, rather than the actual hex that the wizard was on..

..I would say this is most likely something to do with the tree that they 'traveled in' though.. after that tree is killed, leaving the wizard exposed, that's when the issue seems to occur.

A turmoil was recently just cast in an async game I was in and immediately after it, it was quite hard to select my own wizard (and toggle between my mount and wizard) but it was even harder to select the enemy wizard. It would take several clicks on or around the wizard to eventually light up the UI.