Spider's Web - Possible Bugs

Report any bugs you find here. Include the steps for reproducing it if you can, and the version number.
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Spider's Web - Possible Bugs

Post by Grythandril » Sat Jan 07, 2017 6:25 pm

+++Sorry this post had spelling mistakes and bad grammar - will clean this up +++

Have noticed a few odd events involving a creature who dies while caught in a spider's web

Real creatures in spiders web
If a real creature dies it falls to the ground, then vanishes followed by beam of light.
The spiders web is left for a few seconds before it too sinks into the ground.

Subverted creatures caught in a spiders web
If a subverted creature dies then creature falls to the ground, vanishes followed by beam of light along with the web in one go.

Illusion creatures caught in a spiders web
If a illusioned creature dies then both creature and spider's web disappears instantly.

Are these bugs or so weird occurrences?
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