Enemy Creatures still alive after wizard Dies

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  • Was playing a realm map "the Rask"

    After blobbing and webbing the enemy's 2 zombies, I encase the enemy with a crystal wall

    After dispelling the wall my elemental pushed the wizard and the elephant of the map.

    After the wizard dies and the elephant vanish, the 2 zombies still remain

    http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.c ... ACBE2D25F/

    Not sure if this has been reported
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  • I believe i've done so a while back, and it was a very similar circumstance.
    Something to do with blobs, wind walkers, zombies and dispel.

    Wonder if they have the capability to watch old realm battles...could be an interesting way to find bugs...or even if players could hit a report bug option and send have the replay of the game sent to snapshot.
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