RMB sometimes behaves the same as LMB

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Fri Feb 10, 2017 11:33 pm

  • It is possible to click the 'end turn' button with either mouse button.. both the right mouse button and the left mouse button perform the same action.

    Basically when you bring up the 'are you sure you want to end turn Yes/No' the RMB acts as the confirm button instead of the cancel button..

    ..So if you go to click 'yes' but then realise you don't want to manually end the turn and press the RMB instead to 'go back/undo' it will still end your turn because the RMB performs the same action as the LMB when clicking on a UI button (such as the 'end turn' button).

    EDIT - Hopefully this will help explain why the cancel button on controller also performs the same action in the same circumstances.. and if it's possible to fix this issue for the mouse buttons it will also fix the issue for controller to (I'm guessing).

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