Icarus tower - the phantom menace

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Tue Feb 21, 2017 7:30 pm

  • In a Classic Law 3way game a wizard (human controlled) was killed by an air elemental. After the wizard had been pushed off the map some of it's casts still remained on the map, namely a bloodlust totem and an icarus tower.

    At first I assumed it was the graphical glitch that sometimes occurs when a wizard dies but leaves some phantom creatures behind. It was not possible to attack the totem or the icarus, therefore it had to be just a graphical glitch..

    ..However, the UI was still displaying how much damage the icarus would do to any nearby flyers. So as a test, one of the flyers (an AE) took flight whilst inside the icarus towers range.. the phanthom icarus (owned by the dead wizard) attacked the flyer and killed it.
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  • Those old wizard crazy stories, you really shouldn't believe to all that you can hear in the main chat, Mazy :roll:
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