custom game objectives problems

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custom game objectives problems

Post by anjovi » Tue Jun 13, 2017 9:25 pm

Having parameters that can be immediately failed upon starting up can be problematic.
ex1) having to reach 10 mana sprites when there are only 3 = immediate fail
ex2) needing a spell to defeat wizard, when no spell in deck = immediate fail

this stuff might need to be ironed out some more before making it into the game. I would probably wait until more varied objectives and little systems to make the objectives work consistently are available before officially releasing it.

examples could be:
1)having the game auto generate a particular spell in player's deck when it's their objective
2)haviong the game auto generate enough sprites for a player's objective

The menu's are also a wee bit restrictive to make the custom objectives work to their potential. I would personally just have a button on a regular lobby that was named "Special Rules"

In this menu you could have:
(Objectives Panel)
Objective -----> Obj 1 ------> Obj 2 -------> Obj 3--------> Team
Use spell ------> Sword ------> Bow ---------> Lion --------> Team A
Use spell ------> Sword ------> Bow ---------> Lion --------> Team B
Survive to end ----->blank----->blank----->blank------->Team C
Gather sprites --------->2------------->blank----->blank-------->Team A

(Taboo Panel)
Undead----->Team A
Undead------>Team B
Marksman----->Team C
Rewards----------->Team 1------------>Team 2---------->Team 3-------->
Forge crystal----------->Team A------->Team B------>blank
Fancy Hat -------->Team A----->blank----->blank
Gold----->Team B

Something like this could make setting up custom parameters alot easier and varied. And all it'd require is a single button on the regular custom game lobby.

Having room to input special parameters/modifiers like:
-Team A or player can move twice in a turn for ex
-Team B are spell totems
-Team C gets reinforcements.

Stuff to vary objectives like this could also work well, and might be worth waiting for before implementing custom demi god games in at all.

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Re: custom game objectives problems

Post by Grythandril » Tue Jun 13, 2017 9:43 pm

Yes I had an objective in Gary custom game

Muy objective was:

"raised undead creature and kill enemy wizard" - reward was gold

I achieved this by using a mega raised dead spell and killed one enemy wizard with an raised undead paladin.

But nothing happened in terms of reward as no display was given other than victory
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Re: custom game objectives problems

Post by anjovi » Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:09 am

AI seems to have a hard time with objectives as well...

I made a team of Ai require a sword to kill me...The following game amounted to them casting illusion after illusion until they ran out.

Making objectives bind a certain spell to the deck might be required to make this stuff work.
Having restrictions to what objectives you give AI might be necessary as well in the mean time.

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Re: custom game objectives problems

Post by gary » Wed Jun 14, 2017 6:35 am

For a laugh I also set Matty the task of using an elf to kill a wizard ( btw this isnt explained at all in the looby as it is just say use spell its not untill you get in to the game you are like, oh its to kill a wizard) but then also hit him with an creature taboo.

Now it is more or less an instant fail, but he could maybe have subverteed or raised dead one but I suspect the game would not have picked up on that and just looked for him casting a elf, though i may be wrong. Also would him casting an elf squad counted?

It also struck me that in the lobby everyone sees each others tasks/taboo, if you asign different one to each player. Now everyone seen what Matty's was and to add to his failure they just has to not cast an elf to either be subverted or raised.

Which leads me to think that it would be better and more fun if everyone didnt seen what the other players task/taboo are.

There is also the question of what happens if a player for example quits out the game to stop someone else completing a task?

How is a game judged if say, the player doesnt complete their task but wins the game by killing everyone else?

The reverse also, what happens if they complete the task but then die before the end of the game. Do they get a reward if get?

The 'surive to the end' task, is it enough to play out for a draw or do you have to win?

There is lots of things that are not obvious or very grey. I know this is the first go at this but to me there is so many things that need to be considered and explained better. Your head could literary explode thinking about the what ifs at this point
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Re: custom game objectives problems

Post by anjovi » Wed Jun 14, 2017 5:37 pm

Giving this some thought i feel like what you can do to fix most (if not all) of this is:

Make a button for "advanced settings"
And have a more functional menu, to allow more customization options like:
-Giving players/teams more then 1 objective
-Giving players/teams more then 1 taboo
-Being able to add more then 1 parameter to objectives (being able to use multiple spells to do the job)
-Being able to specify objectives more ex.
1)set objective to gain sprites for player a
2)set objective to kill wizard for player a
result: player needs to fulfill both objectives to win

menu concept:
The balancing act here is how many slots/boxes/inputs the demi god should have.
The creative one should be able to make something fairly robust with a limited amount of inputs (think realms and encounters cap at 25)

The rule of thumb for realms generally seems to be a 3 by 3 system (3 outcomes, 3 mercs checks, 3 wizard checks, 3 flag checks, 3 encounter choices)

Having something like this for demi god stuff could perhaps follow a 6 system.....6 objectives, 6 taboos, 6 rewards (for the max wizard count) and just simply have the tools open ended so it players can make something fairly robust without being over the top (3 different objectives for each of 4 different players..heh) Finding some sweet spot, were you account for the max variables that players can reasonably keep track of.

Overall the tools need to be a little more robust, as i can see the novelty of simply using a certain spell, or collecting 2 sprites fading away quickly (though if i could choose from a multitude of spells, or if i could set more then 1 taboo for 1 player/team, perhaps things would be more fun in the long term.

Show objectives for all players in game (show objective for a particular player when clicking on them, similar to how you get to look at their talismans)


Have options to win, solely on a specific objective being done, as opposed to having to do that and kill everyone else. Make the objectives more simple then having to do this and kill a wizard (unless designed by the demi god)


Have a clear gui. explaining objective to a player. From the god's perspective, the editor drop down boxes are fine, though the players should have a very clear indication of what the objectives are before choosing what role they want...Although this could very well be the case as i'm a demi god and couldn't see whether this is the case or not.