Custom Matches - Missing Taboos

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Custom Matches - Missing Taboos

Post by SpiteAndMalice » Mon Jun 19, 2017 10:09 pm

Custom matches are missing the option to set Taboos for the following spell categories.

'non attack'
'non growths'
'non magic weapons'
'non undead'
'non structures'

I know that some of these are Taboos that you'd not regularly set, but depending on the role that you've given to a player within a game, they may be sometimes appropriate.

'raise dead' - This doesn't seem to appear as a taboo in any spell grouping category.
'teleport' - This also doesn't seem to appear as a taboo in any spell grouping category
'shift spells'

This combined with the missing 'non' categories means that even if I set Taboos of 'Creatures' 'Attack' Growths' and 'Magic Weapons' hoping that I'll be left with a player that can only cast structures; that player still receives a hand with Raise Dead, Teleport, and Shift Spells.

Another interesting category to add could be:
'mid casting chance spells'

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