1.13 Weekly guild rankings a no show for ranked games

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  • So it appears that for league battles, the weekly rankings aren't appearing.

    Tested it with no worries, and unlike duel mode (which the rankings appeared instantly) the ranking for ranked games was no were to be spotted.

    not sure if this is intentional, but it'd be a shame to miss out on this.
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  • This is unintentionally opaque.

    As with regular, solo ranked-play, your guild needs enough stars to make "arch-guild" before it will appear in the table.
    Best-case, this equates to around 14 consecutive wins. (That's 14 total, not 14 each).
    It will be rather more non-consecutive wins:
    You get an extra star per battle if you're on a winning streak, so won't get these if you lose battles;
    Once you're up to "Manticore Master" or somewhere, you can lose stars for lost battles.

    The underlying reason for the stars system is (I believe) that the ELO-like rating that ranks archwizards needs a good number of games to produce a meaningful value.

    I think a stars display is required for your guild, on the "League" page.
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